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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
This is probably going to be a really dumb question, but I'll ask anyways. Do you need any sort of receiver to get the full surround capabilities of those fancy headsets, or can you just plug it into the 360 and you're all set?

I've been looking at them forever, but have always been hesitant to buy them for that reason.
No, everything you need comes with the headset. You just plug it into the Xbox/PS3 & TV and you're all good.

EDIT: You get a receiver with the wireless headsets, but I don't recommend that if you have a bunch of other things that are are wireless in the vicinity of the receiver.

Originally Posted by zaglewiz View Post
I don't think you need anything like that. Plus its not a stupid question if you're wondering about it being that you're going to drop down a few dollars for it. I'm wondering if you can throw em on and watch a movie and get the surround sound from it?
I'm not sure about an external DVD or Blu Ray (Unless it has a USB and your TV has a headphone jack) but if you're watching anything on the console It works fine.
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