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Originally Posted by oxley View Post
So, Maybe this type of Xeno doesn't require a Queen, as the Goo is where it originated from.
Yes. But... since the xenos in Alien come from facehuggers laid by a Queen, and a Queen is born after a special sort of facehugger attaches to a host (we get a glimpse at this special facehugger in Alien 3). I'm pondering over how exactly a queen face hugger gets made. Is it a special type of goo? Or does it follow suit with this theory that the xenos in other Alien films are evolved from the Deacon in Prometheus?

I think the xenomorphs were either genetically engineered as weapons by the Engineers or they are some sort of extraterrestrial creature they are attempting to control (or even worship). Remember the giant mural of a xenomorph in Prometheus? And the green crystal below it? This is significant in some way.
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