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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
How much time do you have?

They're all pretty big games. Unless you're hardcore into the stories they pack in games, I don't think you'll miss too much, or at least notice. AC doesn't have the most tightly wound story you'll find in gaming. Black Flag was kind of a fresh start for the series, so it wouldn't be a bad place to start. Just read up a general breakdown of the story, and you'll be fine.
Originally Posted by Doctor RoXo View Post
AC Black Flag isn't connected to the previous AC games in any way. But if you do plan on playing them at some point, it'd be wiser to play them in order as going backwards would be strange from a gameplay perspective, since you'd be losing features with each iteration.
Cheers lads, i think i'll stick with black flag and just do a youtube run down of the rest before the new one comes out.
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Originally Posted by Formaldehide&Seek View Post
Cheers lads, i think i'll stick with black flag and just do a youtube run down of the rest before the new one comes out.
The new one looks pretty cool. I may actually pre-order it (haven't done that since AC2). I just hope they stick with single player, and maybe co-op, and just ditch the horrible multiplayer like they did with Unity. AC just isn't made for deathmatch type modes I don't think.

But I don't think this new game will be connected to any of the other games, so I don't think you need to watch anything to get caught up. But it couldn't hurt either I guess.
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