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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
Maybe not in the UK but its available on demand in the states right now.
I'm in Canada.

Just looked it up. Apparently hit online services on the first (Pretty sure it leaked before that) and it's getting a limited theatrical release on the sixth. My bad.
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Eh I thought it was just ok. My fav scene was the mother-daughter scene at the end.
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I actually thought this was one of the best found-footage films I've ever seen.

We just did a spoiler-free review on the flick last week.

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Chevy Chase
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Default Sorry didnt read anyone elses reviews

There were too many and I suffer from old people add. Anyway I dug this film. I thought it was quite realistic and even if it was an exact duplicate of the Jonestown documentary it was a well done duplicate. Its as if TI saw the docu, pulled his directors Adam's apple and said, "now this would make a great film!" I think what we realize as as a society is that mad men are capable of causing ultimate mass hysteria and destruction, just one man can bring down a nation. Hell at this point even a child. Killing weapons are far more advanced since the Jonestown massacre, but it was someone of similar mind that did the killing, like today. Anyway Ti was making a political comment on this I believe and saw fit to do it through the eyes of the modern day media. Good movie and I believe good effort.
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Finally watched this movie. It really didn't do much for me. It wasn't bad, but I probably wont watch it again. 5.5/10

Was hopping that it was more horror somehow. Just religion shit.

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Watched this the other day. Loved it. West, for me, is one of the best horror filmmakers out there today. The religious theme grounds the film in reality and there's nothing scarier than bible-thumping fundamentalists. Gene Jones was spectacular as Father and AJ Bowen, etc are all competent in their roles. There was some wicked practical effects in there and a serious feeling of dread. I'd recommend it to everyone.
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The movie was good but not great. Did not need to be a found footage movie in my opinion.
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If anyone didn't know, the dvd release is August 19th.
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