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Franchise Horror Come here to talk about all the big names in horror with 3+ films in the series. Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc...

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Originally Posted by Übermensch View Post
I'm not advocating for an entirely back-to-basics film, though; more like a Halloween remake that keeps the characters and dialogue mostly intact from the original while changing its stylization pretty dramatically by taking visual cues from Euro-horror.

The original Halloween is probably the classiest American slasher, and giallo, when executed well, is the classiest horror subgenre. I want to combine the two, tethering the Michael Myers storyline to a European visual sensibility.

For example: In the original film, Michael wears a blue boiler suit. What if in a remake you were to put him in a black one, with a perfectly white mask (the color of the one in the fourth film, though not the same shape)? Then in a scene like the one in which Laurie tells the kids to run next door, you see just a face rise from the floor, instead of his entire body.

It's little visual things like that which I think could be improved upon.
I know what you mean. More close ups of faces and eyes during intense scenes, longer tracking shots would be cool here as well. Really close in on the tension. Spend less time trying to develop the killer and focus on the situations.

Only problem is with a character and franchise with such notoriety it's hard to see a more stylish, almost niche genre-influence becoming a reality.

As for the story itself... I really don't know what they will do in terms of it's place in the franchise. They could go a number of different ways
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One of the things I most enjoy about Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (not that I'm going to defend it as a film; it's unquestionably the worst of the pre-H20 sequels) is how visually adventurous director Dominique Othenin-Girard sometimes could be in it.

For instance:

Not everything on the film looked this good; in fact, some of the shots were positively pedestrian. But the film still had a stylish ambience I think works for it - the Myers house was a three-story Gothic manor, far removed from the cookie cutter suburban home in the original, but I don't mind continuity errors that work in favor of a franchise film.

(Myers himself looked atrocious in the film, worse than in Zombie's pictures. What was he wearing, pajamas?)

I can't stress enough how important the look of a Halloween movie is. Get the visual style right and you're already halfway to having a good entry in the series.
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