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I popped in my old VHS of this movie "since childhood let me remind you" and just couldn't make it all the way through it again. I wish I would have left this "along with The Video Dead" back in my childhood.
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The Living Dead
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If I remember right from the interviews from the special features in my early 2000s version of Hellraiser. Clive Barker said that because Rawhead Rex did not turn out how he wanted it to be. He decided to start making his own stories into movies himself and that's what led him to do Hellraiser. So if it wasn't for Rawhead Rex being cheesy and fun. We would not have Hellraiser or we would have a Hellraiser that might not have been as good as Clive's version is.

I don't know if those interviews or thoughts are in the newer versions of Hellraiser. Clive's thoughts could have changed since then, but that was the way I originally heard it.

I was able to see a 0 region version of Rawhead Rex a couple years ago now and liked it, but could see why Clive didn't like it that much.
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Well, the movie is nothing when compaired to the short story, but still...it's pretty good if only for the weirdness and the laughs. The part involving a baptism by urine stream was hiliarious. There are a few scenes worth noting that'll probably make you LOL. Better to read the story afterwards I think.

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Default Bad Movie = Great Song

Pro-Pain has a song called Rawhead that includes the line "And he pissed upon the priest" Priceless.
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Horror Chase
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I know I'm totally against remakes, but I think this movie could be a decent remake.
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This one is due for a re-release imo. Great little monster movie (not as great as pumpkinhead) and a pretty unique story by Barker. The piss scene is the most memorable one for sure.
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With the surplus of Clive Barker stories being made into movies recently, I kind of hope this one will be remade since the original was piss-poor.
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I watched it a couple days ago, and well I liked it.It was full of cheesiness.But thats why I liked it,plus it is sorta hard to get a hold of it.
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Originally Posted by Horror Chase View Post
I know I'm totally against remakes, but I think this movie could be a decent remake.
I have to agree although Im not totally againts remakes as long as they are done well. Sad thing is I loved it as a kid and almost brought this film the other week, but lucky for me I found it on youtube in full so was saved from a fait worse than Rawhead!
Saying that though the trailer park sceen when that old bloke keeps a good hold on his glass of beer while his caravan is tipped is a classic, as is the anoying little brother who stops any naughtyness going on between his older brother and probably sister!
Dam I am almost enjoying this film again looking back......But only almost.
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I never liked it much. The graphic novel is so much better. I think it's one of the few films that needs remaking.
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