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OG Salmon
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New teaser looks cool. Very, very few games even have my interest this year but this is definitely near the top of the list.

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Sea Hag
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I'm hoping it's good, but the track record for Alien based games isn't that great from what I remember.

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That case art is fucking amazing. I can't wait for this!
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Fresh Kill
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seen the trailer it looks class I just hope it can make up for the disappointment that was aliens vs predator that game was rubbish such a let down for me, but judging by the trailer this is going to be epic
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Rotting Corpse
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I'll be getting the special edition for sure.

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Originally Posted by 967-Evil View Post
I'll be getting the special edition for sure.

Oh yeah. l'll be getting that for the power loader alone.

Was just trying to get my Alien fix by playing that last AVP game. What a dump of shit that thing is. CANNOT WAIT for Colonial Marines!
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Originally Posted by 967-Evil View Post
I'll be getting the special edition for sure.

Feck...that is awesome!
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First gameplay clips:

I'm still on board.
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The Bear Jew
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I can't wait to play this! I've always wanted a continuation to Cameron's film...Looks top notch so far...
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