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View Poll Results: What do you rank as Vincent Price's best performance?
Matthew Hopkins........The Witchfinder General 3 8.33%
Edward Lionheart......Theatre of Blood 6 16.67%
Dr. Phibes.......the Dr. Phibes films 7 19.44%
Simon Cordier.........Diary of a Madman 0 0%
Rappacinni.....Rappacinni's Daughter (Twice Told Tales) 0 0%
Prince Prospero.......The Masque of the Red Death 1 2.78%
Dr. Robert Morgan........The Last Man on Earth 5 13.89%
Francois Delambre.......The Fly / Return of the Fly 1 2.78%
Walter Kyne........While the City Sleeps 0 0%
Verden Fell........The Tomb of Ligeia 0 0%
Roderick Usher........The House of Usher 1 2.78%
Fortunato....The Black Cat (Tales of Terror) 0 0%
Charles Dexter Ward........The Haunted Palace 1 2.78%
Richard III.......Tower of London 0 0%
Frederick Loren........The House on Haunted Hill 11 30.56%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by travisbickle View Post
Witchfinder is easily his best acting performance.
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House of Wax, The Fly, House on Haunted Hill, and even Edward Scizzorhands had great appearances by him.
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It's got to be Theatre Of Blood. His performance makes me feel sorry for the character despite the fact that he is a demented madman. Job well done.
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I voted Phibes. He is just so amazingly awesome in that film, so it gets my vote.
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It's really hard to chose just one, but Dr. Phibes was an incredible character and a fantasitc movie. I'm convinced Vincent Price is good in just about any role, villian or hero or even just player like in the Black Cat.
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Oh that was a tough call. I had it narrowed down to Witchfinder General, Theatre of Blood, House of Usher and Masque of the Red Death. In the end I went with Masque just because it's my favorite movie of the four (ALL of them are really great though).
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Thumbs up

His Poe films are just OK imo...

His performance of shear epic reign will always be 'The Abominable Dr. Phibes.'

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House of Wax,House on Haunted Hill,and the non horror film Leave Her To Heaven(check this one out, this woman was twisted!!)
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I don't have one single favorite Price performance, it's nearly impossible to choose. Upon a recient viewing of The Haunted Palace, I was reminded of how his horror films have a kind of magic to them, much like the Universal, and Hammer Horror films, all, which I grew up on.
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Originally Posted by scream4melongbeach View Post
House on Haunted Hill is my personal favorite
Thought that movie was pretty sweet too!

Is theater of blood worth checking out, and what is it even about?
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