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The Sadist (1963) 7/10

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The Hunger Games - The poor cinematography and quick editing of the action sequences really held this movie back. The kids get plowed so quickly, we hardly get a chance to know them to even care. For such a hot property, this movie was pretty weak and by the numbers. It felt like a made for TV movie overall. 5/10
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Ginger Snaps!
I may go ahead have myself a marathon and watch the sequel and prequel.
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Originally Posted by The Bear Jew View Post
Tombstone 9/10

One of my favorite films of all time, The cast as a whole are stellar especially Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer...

Mama - Although the CGI is arguably about the level of what we had ~12 years ago, I don't find that to be the big flaw of the film. Jessica Chastain's character is just terribly written, she was miscast in the part, and it seems like she know it. The first hour mostly plods along, and once it actually starts to pick up, the movie speeds downhill towards a mediocre, head-scratching ending. Another example of a story that could have been better if it were relegated to 45 minutes on a "Masters of Horror"-type anthology show. - 5/10

The Cottage - The film may have had some genuine laughs and such, but I found myself so bored with it half an hour in, I just couldn't justify showing it enough attention to find out. - 2.5/10

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Wrath Of The Titans - Much like the first movie, it had all the ingredients to be something great, but the people in charge of editing, fucked it all up. There is just something empty about the whole experience. It starts off good enough, with Perseus living his life as a man, but once the situation became, and excuse the pun, Godlike, it just went through the motions.

The special effect were damn impressive, but the characters and story just couldn't sell it.


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Evidence of a Haunting - 3.5/5 Better then expected.
The Murder Game - 2/5 The telegraphed, stupid ending ruined a half way watchable movie.
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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 5/10

I don't understand the praise for this one! To me it was full of whiney dialogue about how hard it is to be a kid.

Absolutely nothing special and sheer naivete.

Spoiler Below
So his aunt molested him that's why he is so disturbed
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1. Jaws
2. Cujo
3. Monkey Shines

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"Red Riding Hood"........An ok werewolf movie. Could have used a hell of alot more bloodI(I mean ALOT more) and flesh ripping scenes. The production design is awesome and direction by Catherine Hardwicke(Twilight) is good. Amanda Seyfried is pretty good in the lead role and I really liked the supporting turns by Gary Oldman and Julie Christie.

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"Argo".....The true story of six Americans that have found shelter with the Canadian ambassador in Iran when the revolution reaches a boiling point. The CIA works alongside some heavy hitters in Hollywood to create a fake film production to concoct a risky plan to try and get them out of the country. For a movie that focuses on a situation that was so dire and heavy, this film comes off a bit lighter than expected. I think a bit of that lightness was unnecessary and was shown a bit too much with actors Goodman and Arkin. Other than that, Ben Affleck has crafted an engaging film. Strong acting is showcased by Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, and Clea Duvall...as well as John Goodman and Alan Arkin at times. The dynamic between Affleck and Cranston is perfect, creating a duo that both entertain as well as keep this story on track. Cinematography, production design, music score, and directing are all strong. The gritty look to this film really helps to capture the vibe and tone of the film while combined with the attention to detail, helps take you into that time period. An awesome and intriguing dramatic thriller!!


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Reservoir Dogs
First viewing. Fucking great. I was expecting to be a tad let down, given it's hype, and it was Tarantino's first, but if anything I was more impressed than I thought possible, especially that ending. The guy is just a natural. I also think he is the only guy who (consistently in his films) make utterly pointless conversations interesting, and really, really character grounding. 10/10 Can't wait to hook into the other films I haven't seen in the BluRay Tarantino set!
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