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Old 09-20-2011, 12:50 AM   #11
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Damn good flick, and original!
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I saw it and its a very good film, shot in a "mockumentary" style, so if you like that style of film you will enjoy it.
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I enjoyed the film. The trolls were incredible looking and I enjoyed the folklore of the film.
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Old 10-05-2011, 08:59 PM   #14
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I have this in my queue on Netflix, Gonna check it out tonight, Hope it's as kool as the trailer makes it out to be.

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Old 11-01-2011, 01:57 PM   #15
Dark Mark
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I feel like I have been waiting a long time to see this but I'll finally get to see it next week as part of the BIFF here in Brisbane.
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Old 01-04-2012, 05:05 AM   #16
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I loved this movie. I thought it was great that the troll hunter himself didn't have a hero complex, it was just a job to him. Made him seem like a real person with a gov't job. a more realistic character, if you will.
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Man Slaughter
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This is very enjoyable and more than a 'novelty' movie with the trolls. I agree they keep it grounded with the characters' attitudes to the situation.
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Old 01-08-2012, 02:28 PM   #18
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Loved this, one of the most original horrors in a while.
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Old 01-08-2012, 02:38 PM   #19
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Trollhunter's a fantastic flick. It makes me happy to see that found footage films are branching out to new territory.

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I think it is brilliant! I recently watched another pretty good film from Norway called thale that's pretty good
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