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Collectibles, figures, and memorabilia. posters, figures, whatever.

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Default What Signed Stuff Do You Own?

I've only been to three conventions (Cinema Wasteland in October 2010, April 2011, and October 2011), and I had a small amount of money both times I went, so I don't have a lot of signed things, but I do have a few. . .

- Two Thousand Maniacs! poster signed by H.G. Lewis
- Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, and Color Me Blood Red DVDs signed by H.G. Lewis
- Night of the Creeps poster signed by Tom Atkins
- Maniac Cop DVD signed by Tom Atkins
- The Hills Have Eyes poster signed by Michael Berryman
- Brain Damage poster signed by Frank Henenlotter

What signed shit do you have?
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el terror
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My pride and joy is my Nightmare on Elm Street UK quad (the same picture as my sig - i've got a pic of the actual poster on my profile) signed by Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp. I met them at Collectormania in London around 18 months ago.

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Buggar all, or very little.

I wish I lived in America so I could go to all these awesome sounding conventions but meh I don't.

My Shaun of the Dead DVD is signed from when I met Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

My House of 1000 Corpses is signed by Erin Daniels when I met her.

and thats about it, seriously horror wise. (I've got some other signed dvds, photos, books, CD's and comics/graphic novels tho)
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C. Carmelon
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I don't own signed items of my own. My mom has or had a signed cup by Reggie Bush. I need to go to more conventions & stuff.
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I have a ton of signed sports cards and 8x10's, some stuff signed by jenna jameson, an ecw poster from the first ppv barely legal signed by sabu and taz, an original saw poster signed by shawnee smith, a bunch of nhra signed 8x10's and ticket stubs, a few signed cd booklets and music posters, some wwe signed 8x10's signed by stone cold, the rock, d-x,. I know there are things i'm forgetting since most of the stuff is packed away in boxes.
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My T.C.M. Poster signed by G. Hansen

The devils Rejects DVD signed by S. Haig

Land of the Dead poster signed br G. Romero

Sleep Disorder Hardcover signed and numbered by J. Ketchum & E. Lee

Off Season limited edition hardcover signed and numbered by J. Ketchum, D.E. Winters & N. McPheeters

Magneto # 0 foil cover in red signed by C. Claremont

All the horror related stuff can be seen in my Horror Business album, don't know how to post pics here.

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I have a 11x17 Night of the creeps poster signed by Jason Lively Tom Atkins Jill Whitlow and Steve Marshall

I also have a Tunneler statue signed by charles band....and about 12 pieces of paper signed by him... he sure did like signing stuff.

A signed 8x10 of Former running back Fred Taylor

A signed 8x10n of former Patriot great Bruce Armstrong, along with 5 or so former patriots players

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I've got a hardcover All Those Moments, signed by Rutger Hauer of course.

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Rotting Corpse
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Horror related items:

11x17 Hatchet II poster signed by Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder and Tony Todd.

8x10 color photo of Danielle Harris

Never Sleep Again poster signed by Heather Langenkamp.

Jeff Zornow (artist) signed 11x17 Halloween print.

Other items:

(2) Joe Dumars basketball cards.
(1) David Robinson basketball card.
(1) Chris Osgood hockey card.
Tayshaun Prince signed Pistons hat.
Gary Sheffield signed baseball.
Jenna Jameson signed 2006 calendar.
Aaron Lewis from Staind signed CD booklet.
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indecent actions
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Sid Haig pic from HO1K
A Jason mask with Adam Marcus, John Carl Buechler,Kane Hodder, Stu Charno, CJ Graham
Bride of Chucky-Jennifer Tilly and Don Mancini.
Pet Semetary-Miko Hughes
Friday box set-Stu Charno, Kane Hodder.
May-Angela Bettis
Lighting Bug-Ashley Laurence
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OG)-Marilyn Burns, "Grampa" and Gunner Hansen
Bad Dreams-Jennifer Rubin and Richard Lynch
Devils Rejects-William Forsythe
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-Bill Mosely and "Leatherface".
I Spit on Your Grave-Camille Keaton (sp)
Jason X-Kane Hodder
Creepshow-Tom Savini
Friday 7-Lar Park Lincon
HO1K DVD-Sid Haig, Bill Mosely
Friday the 13th NES game signed by Kane Hodder
Final Chapter-Savini
Cujo-Dee Stone
Candyman-Tony Todd
Friday the 13th shot glasses-Betsy Palmer
Night of the Living Dead (og)-Bill Hinzman
Friday Part 3-Larry Zerner
Highway to Hell-CJ Graham
Day of the Dead (og)..I cant even read them, my eyes are crossed.
Ed Gein-Steve Railsback
Candyman 2-Tony Todd
Better Off Dead-Diane Franklin
Reach the Rock- Norman Reedus
Americna Werewolf in London-David Naughton
Evil Dead-Bruce Campbell
Urban Legend-DH
Toxic Avenger-Lloyd Kauffman
Attic Expeditions-Jeffrey Combs
Otis action figure-Bill Mosely
Tom Atkins-Night of the Creeps pic.
Maniac DVD/Picture-signed Caroline Monroe (sp?)
Reggie Bannister-Phantasm III
Alex Vincent-Child's Play
Jeffrey Combs-Re-Animator
Ed Gail-Howard the Duck, Chucky..etc

Sheesh, some misspellings, but it's all there and I think that's all. If not expect more.

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