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The Living Dead
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Default Roger Ebert Dead At 70

Even through I disagreed with many of his views I will dearly miss one of the great movie reviewers of all time.

Cinema Junkyard
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The Revelator
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Like or hate the man's opinions, he was well spoken and influential in the world of film criticism... Sad news.

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H.P. Pufncraft
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I was just reading one of his reviews.

Originally Posted by Kelli Staxxx
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Mr. Bill
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The Living Dead
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Very sad news, one of the few reviewers i actually followed. He was ill for a very long time yet kept up with all new releases, just shows the mans passion.
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It... Won't... Die...
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Easily the most influential, and well known movie critic there ever was, or will be.


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Like most people here, I didn't always agree with Ebert's opinions.... but I did always respect it. There is no denying the impact he had on the way movies are to be critiqued and for that he will always be remembered. R.I.P.

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Time Cop
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Sad news. His letter to Werner Herzog is my favourite piece he's ever written.
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Deadly Fiend
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Disagreed with his reviews a lot of the time, but still gotta give him props for being as successful as he was. R.I.P.
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The Geek
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I didn't care for or respect his opinion on film but his stuff was always well written.

RIP Ebert.
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