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Capcom’s Classic ‘Darkstalkers’ Franchise Gears Up For An All New GN This October!

I can still remember back in the days when arcades were still moderately popular (or even existed for that matter outside of hole in the wall mall plots) and you could find at least one character from Capcom’s “DARKSTALKERS” franchise in any number of games. Nowadays though it feels as though Morrigan and the rest of the characters from the beloved video game franchise are all but dead and buried. However, thanks to Itou Mami fans will be able to reminisce in the form of an all new story collection written and illustrated by the author this October. Beyond the break you can get a taste of the action with a 5 page preview. Read on for the skinny.


“This standalone volume includes five short stories from across the monstrous Darkstalkers universe, as well as a four-chapter tale featuring the swords & sorcery world of Red Earth. You’ll see succubus Morrigan fight the wolfman Talbain, the devilish Jedah confront vampire lord Demitri, the heroic lion-man Leo questing to cure his cursed body, and several more fantastic tales. Also included are gag strips and artist commentary.”

“DARKSTALKERS/RED EARTH” Drops October 13th! (MSRP-$12.95 Page Count 200)



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