'Angel' Goes Toe-Toe-Toe With A Dragon In This 'Barbary Coast' Preview! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Angel’ Goes Toe-Toe-Toe With A Dragon In This ‘Barbary Coast’ Preview!

Angel has had to take on some big foes in his time, but I don’t know that he has ever had to take on something as big as a dragon. Yes, that’s right, a dragon. Hey, don’t ask me, I just bring you the news. Inside you can get your first look at the newest installment in the ongoing “BARBARY COAST” storyline and read the first 5 pages before it drops tomorrow from IDW Publishing! Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: David Tischman
COVERS BY: Franco Urru and Frank Stockton

“Earthquakes. Dragons. Angel. Everything comes to a shattering conclusion as Angel’s attempt to ‘cure’ his newfound soul comes crashing down along with the rest of San Francisco. Plus, an old enemy shows just how long they’ve been watching him. Did we mention a dragon?”

“ANGEL: BARBARY COAST” Issue #3 Drops Tomorrow From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)