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John Landis, Ti West and Josh Olson Tackle Werewolves For Trailers From Hell!

Werewolves are my favorite horror creatures because they can be an allegory for so many things and they lend themselves to visceral kills and great transformation scenes. That’s a good trifecta to have. Unfortunately, for some reason, very few werewolf movies are any good. I’m not sure why that is, but if you go by their track record in terms of execution, they’re easy to f*ck up and hard to get right.

So it’s nice that Trailers From Hell covered three of the good ones last week. They’ve got Josh Olson doing commentary on Joe Dante‘s The Howling, John Landis on Curse of the Werewolf and Ti West on Teen Wolf.

Check out the trailers below! And be sure to hit up their site and play around.



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