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Loads of New ‘Ghostbusters’ Details Released: Original Film to Hit Theaters


With Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters hitting theaters on July 15th, there are now big pushes in terms of marketing and awareness, such as the recently released character posters and some new set visits, complete with interviews.

For example, in a talk with Bustle, Feig explains why he started fresh instead of making it a sequel. “I didn’t personally like the idea of going ’25 years ago’ and also I didn’t want them to be handed technology,” he says. “I think it’s so fun that they’re scientists they’re all different branches of science who really built this from the ground up.

Meanwhile, over at Mashable, Melissa McCarthy says that the film will surprise people in terms of the amount of action we’ll be seeing:

I think the amount of action and the level of it in this is gonna surprise people. It’s a lot more badass. There’s a much harder edge to this one in terms of those fight scenes and how we come up against the ghosts.

An interesting observation was seen by the folk at IGN, who think that the ghosts might not be contained but are instead taken care of on the spot.

There are multiple weapon types being used throughout the scene, including Kristen Wiig using some apparent tennis skills with her proton wand to bat away some ghosts – who are then yanked backward on a wire with force – and then using her proton pack as a rocket pack, pointing the wand down, firing, and propelling herself into the air. Leslie Jones sets up a new ghostbusting device called a Chipper to take out some ghosts, and there are some sort of proton-grenades being tossed around. It almost seemed as though ghosts aren’t just caught, but straight-up destroyed.

Meanwhile, the original 1984 sci-fi/comedy will be showing in more than 750 theaters across the US on June 8th. This event is set up by Fathom Events.



  • Mehliens

    Proton rocket pack to career suicide I hope

  • Poopsmith McUnty

    I stopped reading at “Feig doesn’t like the idea of 25 years ago” …. then why make this at all you kunt??? please just walk into oncoming traffic. it’ll do us all a favor and possibly make up for this abortion.

    • Vader the White

      Calm the fuck down. Is it going to suck? If the tragic and saddening lack of humor in the trailers are accurate, I am sorry to say yes. But seriously, “just walk into oncoming traffic”? I hate the Prequel Trilogy (and I hate it a lot), but you don’t see me saying similar things to George Lucas.
      It’s a fucking movie. I love Ghostbusters, but still, this is absurd.

      • Poopsmith McUnty

        i say worse things than that without even realizing.

      • Ohi0An0n

        Paul Feig should slash his wrists wide open shortly before hanging himself. Get over it, his full intention was to ruin the franchise.

    • Robert a Bb

      I think people are just making a shitty film so no one asks for a 4th. like throwing it out there and changing everything just to shut the fans up so they go ehhhhh fuck it. much like they did with phantom menace and the other 2. but then disney smartened up and said we want this to be successful paid lucas and made a correct new trilogy. get disney to buy ghostbusters to make it right again. cause this new ghost busters movie is filled with 4 jar jar binks’s

      • Poopsmith McUnty

        possibly…… a little like Springtime for Hitler from The Producers?

  • Flyingguillotine

    I want to like this and be excited, I hope this will be good… But all this extended trailer offers is even more not-funny beats.

  • Df

    Hard edge badass action with multiple weapons? As if I wasn’t disinterested enough already.

  • Mr.Sixes

    So you purposefully don’t want to do rhe 25 years ago thing but your marketing clearly goes for that

  • I can’t wait to see this movie bomb and I will laugh when it does. If for some reason it doesn’t, god help us all. We’ll be in for a new trend of girl power movies.

    • James Woods

      I wouldn’t mind the genderswap if it doesn’t include gender swapping hollywood cliches, such as nerdy secretary is hot and the women drool.
      A lot of the jokes put in seems to be there only because they are women.

      Same if they swapped guys for the women roles, no sexy model for the guys to howl over.

      A movie killer for me is when the female lead “hates all men” and they push that theme through the whole movie like they are trying to convince the audience that men are evil.

  • Grimphantom

    I prefer giving my money to the original to the reboot

    • Patrick Tuohy

      Um what?

      • Grimphantom

        They are showing the original film in theaters, right? lol sorry if i made it confusing.

  • Nicholas Monroe

    I was definitely one of the rare supporters of this film because I like Paul Feig, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon, but “badass, harder edge action” isn’t what I’m looking for. Still keeping an open mind, but damn, not looking good.

  • Kirby4Ever

    Watch the re-release of the original make more money than the remake!

  • Robert a Bb

    ill watch the original in theater. but this movie sounds so bad it wouldn’t even be worth a DL. maybe in 4 or 5 months when it comes on HBO or something

  • Daniel McDonald

    I still do not understand not only the amount of pre release hate for this project, but the transparently misogynistic, prejudgementally juvinile angry little boy verbal tantrums that it has inspired.
    The “oohh look at me, I can say dirty words now” ignorance, which some of these so called horror fans seem to use as a twisted badge of honor is so mob mentality slack jawed that I can’t believe I’m not being punked by someone lampooning the entire horror fan base.
    I’ve seen all 4 of these actresses do really funny, award nominated ( and winning ) comedy work, be it on movie-screens or on TV. Mr Feig has paired with Miss Wiig and Miss McCarthy ( to an Oscar nominated performance) in the critical and box office success BRIDESMAIDS. He then partnered with her inTHE HEATand SPY which was a box office smash and received several Golden Globe nominations. Both Miss McKinnon and Miss Jones have hit it big on SNL, Chris Hemsworth has a series of box office successes, but all of these facts are not what I take umbrage with.
    I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that these “cinematic geniuses” would think for one moment that Columbia would take on a new version of one of it’s most iconic, critically, financially and publically beloved films of all times…and do it “on the cheap”… REALLY!?!? All of this yammering about the film looking shoddy, with low rent FX, simply shows to me that the prejudgemental bitch slapping is really about some men’s ( and oddly some women’s) territorial, emotionally attached feelings about 4 women stepping on the ” big bad boy’s ” turf is simply causing them to shoot down any attempts to do, what I can only guess is what they feel is “men only” comedy. I have been sensing this backlash since McCarthy, Amy Schumer,Tina Fey and Amy Pohler started gaining real success in R rated projects that I can only assume they feel belong to Seth Rogan, Kevin Hart, Will Farrel etc. I guess at this point, it’s a waiting game, but based on the most recent trailer I’ve seen, I’m looking forward to a funny, big budget Paranormal comedy…I’m just saying…

    • FadedLineVigil

      Down vote.

    • James Woods

      My only complaint is the stereotypes/cliches/Brand breaker.
      I can hear CinemaSins now. Put a ding at the end of each point.

      Crazy Blackest-ever woman.
      Supposed to be nerdy but casted one of the hottest male actors to play the receptionist, just so the female team(and audience) can fawn and ogle.
      Hints that a period joke is imminent, because you know…its a female lead movie and hollywood has to include at least one vaginal discharge or period joke.
      The seems peaceful till it pukes on you cliche.
      Sand in vagina, asscrack cliche.
      Women try on clothes even during important times cliche.

      They don’t seem to capture the ghost but destroy them. wtf? Thats not Ghostbusters. More like GhostKillers amirite?

      Quick female licking a gun scene because you would do that in a time like that or ever(not).

      The female types displayed are: smart teacher, not so good looking chubby, young immature cuteness and mad black woman. I’ll let that one slide considering the original cast:
      Nerdy Brain, smart-yet-cocky-careless, lil dumber nerd than the rest, and Blackest dude with an attitude.

      Something blacklivesmatter might get heated is the fact neither black chars know a damn thing sciency and just joined because they wanted to.

      • Daniel McDonald

        In reading your ( exceptionally well written, but I believe it’s cast not casted) response to my post 2 things seem very clear…you REALLY have a problem with a film being slanted toward the ( quite lucrative) female demographic I mean almost every point you tried to make came back in some sort of anti female tone( and that does indeed include you thinking and speaking for them)
        You then point out a supposition that they are killing the ghosts not capturing them and I quote ” that’s not Ghostbusters, more like Ghostkillers”. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your( sadly uncredited) wonderful script contributions to the original film….I mean how else can you say what is and isn’t Ghostbusters, correct?
        And finally I want to thank you, I had been waiting for your misogynistic rant to get to the inclusion of race, and you didn’t disappoint me.Bringing in blacklivesmatter to a discussion regarding the quality of an UNSEEN film comedy is not only despicable, it’s insulting. The fact that everything comes down to black vs white including something as inconsequential as this discussion, really takes the focus off of the real, valid racial events that actually need our attention.
        I’ll end this by saying that when Columbia Pictures dares to unleash this ” disaster” on the film going public, I’ll gladly revisit this discussion if you choose to. Until then…it’s all about wait and see…I’m just saying…

        • James Woods

          Well….alrighty then. Not sure why I ever bother to post when I can’t ever articulate my words and tone correctly.
          lol casted.

          While I never consider myself speaking for anyone except myself
          Its not that I have an issue with it being slanted toward the female audience. Its that they are again, using every single female cliche they can pull out of their asses.
          Again, they have to throw in a goodlooking guy for the women to fawn over(not just the audience, but there is a scene where the cast gets zombified and drooling just seeing him). Stuff like that. I get there are movies like National Lampoon series that do the same with guys and a hot woman. But this isn’t a college/teen summer comedy/parody whatever.

          “” that’s not Ghostbusters, more like Ghostkillers”. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your( sadly uncredited) wonderful script contributions to the original film….I mean how else can you say what is and isn’t Ghostbusters, correct?””
          Not Correct. Ghostbusters isn’t just this or the previous movies. There is a whole comic/cartoon universe about them.
          Turn Batman. Put him in a similar outfit and vehicle. Make him kill every enemy he sees. Instead of traps and capture devices, using guns and blasters.
          Is that Batman? No.

          It’s part of the core of who they are. But, like you said, the movie isn’t out yet, and I am basing that particular opinion on the rumor that they destroy the ghosts instead of capture.

          The blacklives thing was a slight jab towards that movement, yet a fairly comically reasonable prediction.

          Based on your responses to mine and other comments:
          I’ll just shut up wait for the movie to come out.

          Happy now?

        • Gonzo

          You’re hilarious hes anti cliches obviously when there’s a bunch just in the trailer alone, I really hope you are a troll and not so naive too think that anything someone doesn’t find appealing too them that happens to have females in it must be “misogynistic” I’m not saying everyone who finds this movie unappealing is because they are obviously playing on our nostalgia and giving us another remake that simply isn’t necessary, I’m sure there is a percentage that doesn’t like this movie for the simple fact there is females in it but, I’d say the majority of us would still find the trailer atrocious even if the original cast was in it, further more you seem to be a fan of diversity yet want everyone too think and see things the way you do. Diversity goes beyond race religion and gender if everyone has the same opinions and views and no differing opinions wheres the diversity in that? You are scum.

          • Daniel McDonald

            So, I’m an idiot or I’m scum, which is it my dear Gonzo? Or is the hoping I’m a troll enough? I will not be taking part in what I hoped would be a lively, intelligent discussion. Obviously that is not to be, so I hope you have as enjoyable of a time that I plan to, this summe in your local cinema….CHEERS!!

          • Gonzo

            Are you saying you can’t be both? And because calling people misogynistic with no evidence of misogyny is a very intellectual contribution too a conversation

    • Ray Hopkins

      Sounds like you just described Melissa McCarthys career to me “Oh look at me i can cuss” as well as everything else in the first paragraph

      • Daniel McDonald

        Well, when I reread my post, and then reread your response it seems almost as if you restate my opinion…no need I know how to make a point….and if you’d care to reread YOUR response and reread my final paragraph …hmmm…I’m just saying

    • Adam Clifton

      Outside of the Marvel cinematic universe, what successful films has Chris Hemsworth been in? ‘Vacation’, ‘blackhat’, ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’, ‘Cabin In The Woods’? I’ll give you Snow White And The Huntsman but lets face it, that was a fluke

      • Daniel McDonald

        Why ” outside of the Marvel Universe” Seems like you’re looking for any (ie this one) excuse to rip into a film that (yeah, I’ll say it again) you haven’t SEEN YET.

        • Adam Clifton

          Don’t need to see it to know it’d be a total shit-fest

      • Gonzo

        Cabin in the woods was sick though

        • Adam Clifton

          Yeah but it didn’t perform well at the box office

    • Gonzo

      That’s not true, the film does look like shit will it be shit? Who knows not me, i can tell you it won’t be my style of comedy though just by the weak attempts. trailers are suppose too pull you in show you some of the highlights of that film make you want too see it i seen the film at its first 1,000,000 so you can’t blame that on mob mentality i form my own opinion and if you think 50% of the other people who won’t be seeing this movie didn’t either then you are an idiot this looks and appears too be an adam sandler movie We didn’t have too see pixels too know it looked like shit, it turnt out too be shit and for what you said about females getting main roles in comedies? Good for them. I don’t like kevin hart and seth rogen movies are only okay. I don’t give a shit a script is just as important as a ***** cast, but too say thats the reason people are mad is funny, some people don’t like Melissa McCartney as an actress I haven’t seen a movie with her in it that I liked and that wasn’t 5 grader humour, granted I haven’t seen every movie she’s been in but identity theft was proof enough she’s garbage and Amy Steals jokes, even from dead people. theres a very good reason not too like her the other two you named are good though especially Fey, love her.

  • Lady Bathory

    Well, as a woman I think…. hahah just kidding, I’m not using that to boost my arguments. Personally, I really do enjoy films with strong female leading roles and sometimes, I find it hilarious when immature people are complaining about female characters (Mad Max / SW Rogue One…).

    However, the female direction of new Ghostbusters just feels so forced. Like they just reversed the genders of the original’s protagonists. Honestly, the leading protagonists are really funny comedians and I like all of them in certain films, shows… and Chris Hemsworth is hot as hell.
    But I find it unacceptable to force some pseudo-feminist agenda down the throat of a fanbase and if they don’t call this film a masterpiece, they’re insulted and called misogynists, privileged f**kboys, or things like these. Disgusting, seriously. This makes me so mad. I even had male friends of mine apologise to me before stating that they dislike the trailer O_O
    Seriously, I used to be so oppressed as a girl but then GHOSTBUSTERS came along, and now I’m free… -.- (not hating on REAL feminism, though but this is a joke)

    • Adam Clifton

      I liked the Furiousa character from Mad Max 4. I liked the Rey character from Star Wars Episode 7. I liked Ripley from the Alien series. But I do not like this new Ghostbusters. If Sony wants to blame this bomb-to-be on sexism, then go right ahead. We all know it’s not the real reason why it’ll tank

      • Daniel McDonald

        Once again, can I borrow your cinematic crystal ball? That way I’ll get to see what’ll tank before I SEE IT TOO!

        • Adam Clifton

          No, you’ll break it

    • Daniel McDonald

      Its not that they’re not calling it a masterpiece…it’s that they’re calling it anything at all until they’ve SEEN IT!
      Seems like you have already seen it as well since you’re accepting apolog ies for it’s short comings…and to try to defend the boys only club attitude because of my calling out what I see as a valid prerelease backlash by using the fact that you’re female? Talk about disgusting…have you read some of the hate filled ” how dare they”, vicious attacks on, once again I’ll say it a film THEY HAVEN’T SEEN YET! I just don’t get it that obviously intelligent filmgoers are trying to argue ( quite viciously which leads me back to the girls stepping on testosterone acres) a project that they haven’t experienced, seems not only unfair, but until we’ve experienced this proposed( and I’m quoting your beloved fanboy base here) “totally unnecessary kunt club version( their spelling not mine) of a comedy classic” As I’ve repeated ad nauseum I guess it’s all about we’ll see, isn’t it?…I’m just saying….PS I’m very happy that this nonexperience has made you a free woman

      • Lady Bathory

        So you’re saying I shouldn’t voice my opinion on the trailer due to the fact that I haven’t seen the film? That’s what happens in the comment section of every single thread in every single film forum, though!
        Like I wrote, I’m aware of distasteful comments (on both sides) and I completely loath them!
        Nevertheless, I also reject a promotion campaign for a film where people who don’t like the trailer are insulted and devalued.

        PS: There’s quite some sarcasm in my last sentence… even an explanation in brackets… just saying….

    • Gonzo

      Hey lady, do you think Chris Hemsworth likes being objectified? Hes hot as hell? Is he a a good actor what are his looks the only thing he has going for him ? Sexist Piggy! Oink

      • Lady Bathory

        Yes, he’s sent me a telegram that said he likes that… No worries!

        • Gonzo

          Pew, thank god.

  • I didn’t personally like the idea of going ’25 years ago’

    No, he wanted to go “30 years ago…” since those exact words appear in the trailer.

  • El_Fez

    That clip. . . .It’s like they’re trying to sabotage their movie.

  • BlubberNugget


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