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This ‘Hellraiser’-themed Rubik’s Cube Has Such Delights to Show You

The Hellraiser puzzle box is one of horror’s most iconic props. Even if you haven’t seen the films, you know immediately what the box represents. And, for the most part, replicas or props are rather pricey, making owning one an unlikely situation.

That’s where Mezco has stepped in and they’ve created a Lamentation Box-themed Rubik’s Cube. Painstakingly designed to look like the real deal, it’s a really fun little toy that will provide hours – in my case years of me trying it and then getting frustrated and tossing it to the side – of entertainment!

The official press release states that there are “…43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations“, so finding a solution might take a while.

There’s a gallery below and you can order yours right here but don’t expect it until this fall as it only begins shipping September, possibly October.



  • I need.

  • Grandpa Fred

    I’m not a really big fan of toys in general, but this is really awesome and I want it.

  • Taylor

    Why did this take so long to happen?

  • sliceanddice

    fucking hell that is genius

  • A.J.

    Damn, I wish I thought of that!

    • Saturn

      I actually remember thinking “why doesn’t someone make a lament rubiks cube” back around when Hellraiser was originally released.
      I’m surprised it’s taken so long.
      I reckon I shall be picking one up.

  • Ha! What are the odds? I just drew this last week. Pinhead struggling with a Rubix Cube.

    • Rob Daviau

      That’s great!

    • Judy

      You are very talented!!

      • Thank you! I appreciate the kind words 🙂

    • Robzilla

      Incredible work!

  • lonestarr357

    That’d make a hell of a Christmas present.

    • Raoul Duke

      I’m getting one for my buddy’s 1 yo daughter

  • Judy

    I want.

    That is all.

  • THGrimm


  • alwayswipetwice

    KICK. ASS. But $13.77 for shipping?! USPS: We’ll tear your wallet apart!

  • John Connor

    I want one that moves by itself when you rub it the right way, like my cock.

  • AdamX

    It looks awesome but I know as soon as I solved it, I’d end up -that- guy so maybe just a nice paperweight.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Will buy.
    Will not solve.

  • Vassago Gamori

    Temptation is illusion. But the time for trickery is past. In this game, we show ourselves as we really are…

  • Otterlee

    Got 2, one for myself and 1 for my sister for Christmas. Just a note, this does not have stickers. It’s actually molded in brown and gold, so if you do decide to play with it, there’s nothing to peel with handling.

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