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He Loved Horror Movies Until the Day He Died. Now His Parents Are Finishing His Movie.



On April 7th, 2014, Kyle Cerilli passed away after a lifelong battle with muscular dystrophy. I don’t expect you to know who he is as I only just found out about him. But his story is pretty incredible because it doesn’t end with his passing. In fact, his strength, his work, and his message is continuing to live on in a truly heartwarming way.

You see, Kyle has been a lifelong fan of horror. On top of creating a website that focused on horror news and reviews, he also founded “…Morbidly Amusing Productions with a small group of fellow students.” The main focus of this was the creation of Slimebuck, a short film Cerilli wrote that follows two children who befriend an alien-like monster while being set upon by two Russian thieves who are after a special rock that the father of one of the children has found. This rock is supposed to have “…major world-wide implications” and the friends have to protect the rock, Slimebuck, and themselves against these two sticky-fingered crooks.

If it sounds like a cross between Home Alone, E.T., and Gremlins, that’s because those are the films that inspired Cerilli and his creation of Slimebuck. While a 20-minute short film version has been made and released (you can watch it below), Cerilli’s vision was never fully reached. This is where the story gets even more powerful.

Cerilli’s parents Vin and Annette always knew that their son wanted Slimebuck to be a feature-length film and they’re aiming to make that dream a reality in his honor. They’ve opened up an Indiegogo and are hoping to raise $150,000, saying, “That’s what this is all about. Building awareness of the movie, Kyle’s story, and muscular dystrophy.” They’ve also recruited filmmaker Tom DeNucci to update the script into a feature length version.

If you do decide to back the project, know that on top of supporting the movie you’ll also be supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp, who will be receiving a portion of any donation.

The good folk over at Upworthy have a fantastic piece on Cerilli, his family, and Slimebuck. I highly recommend checking it out.