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‘The Others’ Meets ‘Don’t Breathe’ in ‘Home Invasion’

Mark Wahlberg (The Happening, Planet of the Apes) has joined the cast of Paramount’s Home Invasion, according to Tracking Board. Wahlberg will also be acting as producer alongside Stephen Levinson. The film is written by Aaron Guzikowski.

Pitched as ‘Panic Room’ meets ‘Die Hard’, Wahlberg will play a contractor whose artist wife suffers from an illness that prevents her from being in the sunlight and, as such, he builds a futuristic house that blocks out any natural light. When a band of criminals attempts to break into the house to steal one of his wife’s valuable sculptures, he must evade and outsmart them to protect his home.

Look, they can say Panic Room meets Die Hard all they want but you can’t tell me this doesn’t sound like they watched The Others and said, “That is an awesome concept and we need to use that…with Mark Wahlberg kicking ass.” And you know what? I’m in.



  • Creepshow

    A movie that is a mash-up of other films AND stars Mark Wahlberg?!
    I can’t wait to never see this.

    • J Jett

      “I can’t wait to never see this.”

      LOL!! 🙂

  • It sucks these types of movies will be hyped up and called ‘original’ when the average moviegoer does not know about movies like “Kidnapped” or “The collector”

    • Creepshow

      And to add insult to injury….the masses haven’t even seen Don’t Breathe yet.

      • J Jett

        Creepshow, i was so excited for DON’T BREATHE (i love Jane Levy and what Fede did with his EVIL DEAD) until i saw the trailer where they needlessly spoiled the lead burglar guy’s death. for some reason i think i just hit a breaking point with trailers and tv spots going out of their way in spoiling things for us viewers. the tv spots also reveal/spoil what Stephen Lang’s character does down in his basement. so that didn’t help with my annoyance.

        also in the JASON BOURNE tv spots they fucking spoil/show exactly how one of the characters from all 4 Bourne films (including the new film) that many people, like myself, liked and was invested in is killed!!

        Alex Aja’s upcoming 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX trailer, overtly shows which one of the boy’s parents is the villain!! they didn’t even try to not show it!! sorry to rant here. lol. i’m just sick of the powers that be (who make/cut these trailers/tv spots) fucking us horror/movie fans over.

  • Braker

    “Pitched as Panic Room meets Die hard but we’re going to say The Others meets Don’t Breathe just because.”

    • PrimeRibRoast

      Sounds like a pile of rotten sour cream with an extra large Little Ceasears Pizza and a flat glass of Tab Soda and watching Land of the Lost.

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher

    I just vomited through my nose.

    • PrimeRibRoast

      Yepppppp. Mark Walburger Talks To Animals is the best thing in the world …

  • Halloween_Vic

    Oh gawd, another original idea huh??? -_-

  • CelticBull

    “Mark Wahlberg (The Happening, Planet of the apes)”

  • PrimeRibRoast

    Mark Walberg would have stopped 9-11… Never forget …

  • PrimeRibRoast

    Mark Walberg Talks to Animals is the best thing ever …. “hey parrot!! Your mother SUCKS!”

  • guest

    “are you mad? I am your yippee-ki-yay motherdaughters!”

  • Ted C

    Yes I can tell you Im sure that’s not what happened.

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