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Artist Creates Beautiful Minimalist Horror Posters

Spanish graphic artist Javier Vera Lainez has some truly amazing work on his portfolio. Seriously, after you’ve looked at the examples below, I’d highly recommend you spend some time perusing his website and looking at some of his other posters.

But the purpose of this particular post is to highlight a few horror posters Lainez has created that take iconic horror films and present them using only one item from the film as the focal point. Everything else has to come off of that piece or reside within, creating a vision that is intertwined and immediately identifiable. Below are these examples, which I’m basically in love with and want on my walls.

Cheers to OPS for the find!



  • Kyle Douglas Sliger

    definitely purchased a couple of his prints as a direct result of this post.. really pumped about these, so good

    • BLKHRT

      Where? His shop isn’t up at the moment.

      • Kyle Douglas Sliger

        Some of his stuff is for sale at I picked up the “Drive” tools poster.

      • Kyle Douglas Sliger

        hcgart some of his work is for sale there

        • BLKHRT

          Good stuff. Thanks for the help!

  • PsychoMantis18


  • fasa96

    Actually really love The Exorcist one…

  • fasa96

    Really like The Exorcist one…

  • Lady Bathory

    That’s some cool looking art! I even like the Hellboy poster most.

  • Dr. Rotz

    Nice series. I agree with fasa96, The Exorcist one is awesome!

  • Vincent Kane

    Well some of these are going in the man cave…

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    that shining one….soooo cool

    • Evan3

      I am soooo embarassed I didn’t recognize that axe poster as the Shining. Nice call.

  • THGrimm

    I need that Texas Chainsaw one on transparency film and lit up . . . NOW!

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