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WORLD OF DEATH EP23 – “Marshmallow” / “Lady in the Kitchen”

You want a batshit crazy episode of World of Death?! Here’s one. I do not know when the horror genre began to encompass movies that are off the wall weird, but I am certainly thankful for the variety it brings!

In the spirit of Halloween comes our first short film, “Marshmallow” in which a terrible human being feels the wrath of karma after he spends the better part of a day shoving needles into Halloween candy while sitting around in his underwear. Canadian director Jimmy Pettigrew paints a gritty picture in this nasty little short film that proves it is never safe to take candy from a stranger. Trick or treat folks!

Bo Campbell is one of my favorite directors in World of Death. Between “Lady In The Kitchen” and “Mrs. Claus” I honestly have no idea where this dude gets his ideas from, but I love them because as I said above, they are BATSHIT! “LITK” involves a young woman who is just trying to do some household chores and suffers from what I can only describe as a horrible case of supernatural bad luck? See for yourself WOD’ers.

Want us to show your short film here as part of World of Death, submit it here!

Meet the Filmmakers

Jimmy Pettigrew of Marshmallow, Québec City is a huge fan of  The thing from John Carpenter and recently remade it with an all kids cast! Watch it here and keep up with Jimmy at his official website.

Bo! Campbell (San Francisco Bay Area, California) has been making films for about 5 years. He’s starting his first feature next year, follow along at



  • Hash-Slinging Slasher

    From a garbage can, presumably.

  • Evan3

    These were both a ton of fun, and Marshmallows is easily one of my favorites. I was hoping for some of the scariest stuff you had for Halloween, but these were entertaining as all hell that I still ended up satisfied!

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