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Atmospheric Trailer for Scott Poiley’s ‘Exhume’



Scott Poiley is heading to the American Film Market with Exhume, a new psychological horror film starring Alice Rietveld, Will Haze, Sarah Sculco, and Randy Molnar.

Based on true events, Patrick and his wife Karen Connor are hired by the state to exhume a body resting under a closed down juvenile work camp. During this excavation, they are met with unnatural forces causing them to question their sanity and will to live.

Archstone Distribution is behind the film that’s currently in post. Mary Poiley, Brent Kunkle (Stake Land), Michael Finn, Chris White (V/H/S Viral), and Anthony Diblasi (Dread) produce Exhume.

Over 50 unmarked graves were discovered at an institution dedicated to the rehabilitation of troubled boys. Patrick Connor and his wife Karen Connor were the archeologists that uncovered the evil buried under the earth so many years ago. During their excavation of the vast property their troubled daughter, Emma began to experience what she thought was episodes of sleep walking. Patrick soon found out; this was the farthest thing from the truth. As the days progressed, Emma began to deteriorate into what can only be described as possession. The daughter they had known and loved was gone. Patrick’s only chance to save his daughter was to flee the boy’s school, but it was too late. In the final moments before their escape Emma brutally slaughtered her mother and fatally wounded her father. In the days that followed, the Connor family vanished, never to be heard from again.

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