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Sega’s “Altered Beast” and “Streets of Rage” Are Going to Be Movies!

Stories International has partnered with Circle of Confusion to produce adaptations of Sega’s video games “Altered Beast” and “Streets of Rage” for film and television, says Variety.

“Altered Beasts” was a game-changer for us kids in the 1980’s; not only was in incredibly fun to play, but the graphics were such a huge leap forward. Oh, and it had monsters – a wolf, dragon, bear and tiger. “Streets of Rage” is one of my favorite side-scroll games, which has two ass-kicking sequels in which you select a fighter to kick a drug lord’s ass.

Production-management company Circle of Confusion produces “Fear the Walking Dead,” “The Talking Dead,” “Powers,” “Outcast,” and “Dirk Gently.” Circle partner David Engel executive produced “Straight Outta Compton.”

Tomoya Suzuki, president and CEO of Stories International, will produce with Circle of Confusion partner Lawrence Mattis and Julian Rosenberg. Evan J. Cholfin, head of development and production, will executive produce the projects for Stroies International — the production arm and joint venture of Sega Group and Hakuhodo DY Group.

Stories is producing film and television projects based on Sega game franchises, including “Shinobi” with Marc Platt, “Golden Axe,” “Virtua Fighter,” “The House of the Dead,” and “Crazy Taxi.” It said Monday that it is in the process of partnering with the major studios, producers, and filmmakers to co-develop adaptations of these properties as English-language feature films and television series for worldwide release.





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