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18 Horror Films Appear On List of Movies Eligible for 89th Academy Awards

The Conjuring 2 Review

Of course, it’s likely none of them will actually get nominated.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just released the complete list of films eligible to be nominated for awards at the 89th Academy Awards this coming year, and a whopping 336 features made the cut. To qualify, as Deadline notes, films must be feature length (over 40-minutes long) and have been released in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by midnight on December 31st, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days.

Though it’s not very common for the Academy to recognize horror films, it’s worth noting that 18 horror movies did make the list this year. It’s possible that some of them will get nominations in the lesser categories, so to speak, but we certainly don’t expect any of them to be nominated for Best Picture. Our best chance for horror representation at the 2017 ceremony is probably John Goodman grabbing a nomination for 10 Cloverfield Lane, but we’re not holding our breath.

Here are the horror films eligible for nominations:

  • The Boy
  • The Conjuring 2
  • Don’t Breathe
  • The Forest
  • Ghostbusters
  • Green Room
  • The Invitation
  • Lights Out
  • The Love Witch
  • Morgan
  • The Neon Demon
  • The Other Side of the Door
  • Ouija: Origin of Evil
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • The Purge: Election Year
  • The Shallows
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • The Witch

The nominees will be announced on January 24th, ahead of the February 26th ceremony.




  • Charlie Nash

    Did Ghostbusters 2016 really count as a horror movie?

    • Creepshow

      It scared me off from watching it. So…yes?

    • John Squires

      Up for debate, but it’s a franchise, if only cause it’s about ghosts, that we and other horror sites do cover. So didn’t want to leave it off the list.

    • PsychoMantis18

      No, it doesn’t even count as a film. It’s more like a can of coke.

      • DucksonAPlain

        Being a film is pretty much the only thing you need to count as, to get on this list.

  • Matt

    I could see the Witch possibly winning for cinematography and/or costumes.

    • PsychoMantis18

      It’ll get snobbed.

  • Matt Graupman

    There is a HUGE range in quality there, huh?

    • John Squires

      You can say that again!

      • RIP-REL

        There is a HUGE range in quality there, huh?

  • Fracassi

    I loved 10 Cloverfield Lane. I honestly didn’t know if the captor was sinister or not for the first part of the movie.

  • zombie84_41

    LMFAO sorry I never laughed so hard in my life.

  • Shawn Simpson

    To answer whether each film has a chance to win goes as follows
    The Boy-No
    The Conjuring 2-Yes
    Don’t Breathe-Hell Yes
    The Forest-This is a joke right?
    Green Room-Hell Yes
    The Invitation-Hell Yes
    Lights Out-I have no clue
    The Love Witch-No
    The Neon Demon-Yes
    The Other Side of the Door-FUCK NO
    Ouija:Origin of Evil-Sure why not
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-this has to be a joke
    The Purge:Election Year-No
    The Shallows-Yes
    10 Cloverfield Lane-Hell Yes
    The Witch-Just give it the damn award already!

  • PsychoMantis18

    Go The Witch! None of the others deserve anything.

  • Rob

    …..Ghostbusters a horror film? That’s some serious reaching right there.

  • Lirabelle

    I quit watching the Academy Awards some time ago because of the snobbery. For a long time my brother and I were able to correctly guess the Film of the Year without actually seeing the movies in question… because from the commercials they LOOKED like the sort of movie that always wins.

    Based on the current trend with the academy, The Witch and The Neon Demon are the only movies on this list that have a respectable chance at taking anything home, and those will probably only get courtesy nominations. That’s pretty much all I think John Goodman’s nomination has been… a “courtesy”, to make it look like the Academy gives a flip about anything outside of their personal tastes. I seriously hope I’m wrong about all of this, I just no longer have any confidence in the Academy’s ability to think outside the current set bubble of expectations.

    Ugh, I’m sorry for the rant. I’ll show myself out.

  • sliceanddice

    none of these will ever ever ever ever ever win. but thats a good thing. As Roger Corman once said – “there is a big difference between a work of art and an Oscar.”

  • My opinion about those movies:

    The Boy – A good surprise
    The Conjuring 2 – One of the best horror blockbusters ever
    Don’t Breathe – Maybe the best horror/thriller of the last 10 years
    The Forest – Bad
    Ghostbusters – This isn’t even a horror film, it’s a crap
    Green Room – I hated, the plot is horrible
    The Invitation – I haven’t seen
    Lights Out – It was just an okay film
    The Love Witch – I haven’t seen
    Morgan – Garbage
    The Neon Demon – Different but good
    The Other Side of the Door – Disappointement of the year
    Ouija: Origin of Evil – I haven’t seen
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – One of the worst films of the year
    The Purge: Election Year – Good and thrilling but I’ve seen better
    The Shallows – Just okay
    10 Cloverfield Lane – An amazing surprise
    The Witch – I didn’t like, it’s boring and so overrated

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