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This Supercut Video Celebrates the Horror Genre’s 120th Anniversary

We often celebrate the anniversaries of our favorite horror films here on BD, but what about the entire genre at large? Did you know that 2016 marks the 120th anniversary of the very first horror movie? It was French filmmaker Georges Méliès who kicked things off with the silent short film The Haunted Castle, released in the winter of 1896. The rest, as they say, is history.

The folks over on YouTube channel Moon Film just sent along a supercut video that celebrates 120 years of the horror genre, shining the spotlight on 50 movies that are widely considered to be either influential, groundbreaking, or just plain the best of their kind. Classics like Nosferatu, Night of the Living Dead, and The Exorcist of course all made the cut, as did modern faves such as Saw, Let the Right One In, Paranormal Activity, and The Babadook.

As expected, there are countless films and even entire years left out (the video leaps from 1932’s Vampyr to 1958’s Horror of Dracula), but at just 2 1/2-minutes long, the video does provide a nice little overview of the genre’s most important films between 1896 and 2016. The most recent movie featured is Don’t Breathe, so it truly does begin at the beginning and end in the present.

Enjoy 120 Years of Horror Movies below.



  • Matt

    That was pretty cool. What would have made it even better is if they would have made it longer, and tried to add one clip from each year that a “horror” film was made. Then it would be awesome.

  • Brian McNatt

    Awesome vid, though they could have done with fewer 60s films and added in The Wolfman. How can you have a list of influential horror films without that movie?

  • LastCubScout

    You guys covered a video compilation earlier in June that I thought was put together better.

  • Otterlee

    No “Freaks”?

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