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Fan Recut the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer to Echo the Original ‘Alien’ Teaser

We cannot get enough of that Alien: Covenant trailer.

All of my Christmas wishes were granted when the Alien: Covenant trailer was dropped on Christmas day, and I must admit, I’ve watched the damn thing more times than I’ve watched any other trailer this year. As promised, the film looks to be the full-on Alien prequel that many fans were hoping Prometheus would be, and seeing that Face Hugger lit me up like a Christmas tree.

A new Alien film from Ridley Scott. It’s actually happening. Hallelujah.

Of course, the entire internet is as obsessed with the Alien: Covenant trailer as we are, and one fan just took it upon himself to recut the footage into an entirely different trailer. José Mellinas gave the Covenant trailer a makeover by recutting it in the style of the original Alien teaser, removing all the audio and replacing it with the chilling sound that first introduced us to the world.

And on a related note, another fan gave the Covenant trailer his own recut, inspired by the original Prometheus trailer. It’s way more intense and to the point than the actual Covenant trailer, and I’ve gotta say, as much as I love the official one, the “Prometheus style” fan edit is far superior. Just goes to show how much a movie can change in the editing room, particularly its trailer.

Check out both fan recuts below!




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