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Fan Recut the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer to Echo the Original ‘Alien’ Teaser

We cannot get enough of that Alien: Covenant trailer.

All of my Christmas wishes were granted when the Alien: Covenant trailer was dropped on Christmas day, and I must admit, I’ve watched the damn thing more times than I’ve watched any other trailer this year. As promised, the film looks to be the full-on Alien prequel that many fans were hoping Prometheus would be, and seeing that Face Hugger lit me up like a Christmas tree.

A new Alien film from Ridley Scott. It’s actually happening. Hallelujah.

Of course, the entire internet is as obsessed with the Alien: Covenant trailer as we are, and one fan just took it upon himself to recut the footage into an entirely different trailer. José Mellinas gave the Covenant trailer a makeover by recutting it in the style of the original Alien teaser, removing all the audio and replacing it with the chilling sound that first introduced us to the world.

And on a related note, another fan gave the Covenant trailer his own recut, inspired by the original Prometheus trailer. It’s way more intense and to the point than the actual Covenant trailer, and I’ve gotta say, as much as I love the official one, the “Prometheus style” fan edit is far superior. Just goes to show how much a movie can change in the editing room, particularly its trailer.

Check out both fan recuts below!



  • Nealus

    Bang up job. Glad you cut most of the embarrassing shower scene.

    • Why is that scene embarrassing?

      • J Jett

        because it looks like it belongs in a F13 movie and not in an ALIEN movie directed by film legend.

        • I agree but I don’t think it shouldn’t be there because it’s ‘ONE OF THOSE 80’s SCENES’. Sometimes those are fun to see. Whether it’s ALIEN in space or Jason in a camp. Plus this is an 80’s franchise by a ‘legend’ that made his name in that same era.

        • Mehliens

          True, yet ‘nakedness’ and vurnability of the human body was always a theme in Alien so I’m on the fence until I see the film

      • Nealus

        The shower scene seemed a bit exploitative. Like a scene straight out of hundreds of other slasher flicks. If the shower scene is taking place after some crew have been killed or infected then it makes absolutely no sense.

        • J Jett

          Nealus, exactly! depending on when this scene happens in the film, the fact these 2
          characters are feeling comfortable/relaxed enough (meaning there is no
          impending immense danger happening around them which seems strange to me
          since it’s a full grown Xeno) is absurd.

          the only way this scene makes
          even a tiny bit of sense is if there are already full grown Xenos on
          that planet and the couple taking the shower (and the entire crew?) is
          completely unaware of the danger/the Xenos. if it’s just the couple
          taking a shower/having sex knowing full well about the $hitstorm
          happening around them then that is as unforgivable as (in PROMETHEUS)
          “intelligent” scientist (or whatever) Millburn thinking it was a smart
          idea to play patty cakes with a vagina snake with teeth.

          • Nealus

            The full grown xeno makes sense. They exist in the wild in the comics I believe. I really hope that scene gets cut. Maybe it won’t test well with audiences. The fingers on that xeno seemed way too long as well. I know they’re proto-xenos but just bring back Big Chap already.

        • I’d agree with you that if it happens after a bit of craziness in the movie it will be lame, but I’d like to think it’ll be one of the kills to kick off everything.

          • Nealus

            I want Cronenbergian body horror sci-fi style. Please no cheesy slasher kills.

          • Agreed. But variety helps. Plenty of people will die in this one, one cheesy scene won’t destroy the film is all I’m saying.

    • Bran

      I imagine the idea of a shower sex scene is a major turn-off with most fans. I don’t like it, too. Though had they shown the Holloway/Shaw sex scene in the Prometheus trailer, fans would have been saying the same things. Here’s hoping there is something else to the scene… some additional payoff beyond what we currently are viewing.

  • Man both of these were pretty solid. The recut to be more like ALIEN would be my pick. Honestly surprised that wasn’t the style of trailer dropped over christmas weekend.

  • J Jett

    John, i’m glad you noticed i posted this on your Neomorph article yesterday! this fan cut trailer is light years better than the trailer the studio put out.

  • F. This

    Get whomever made this to Hollywood ASAP, they know how to make a trailer. I’ve missed that “siren” noise towards the end. I have a Pavlovian response to it.

  • José Mellinas

    Thanks for posting my recut trailer and thanks for watching.

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