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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 48 – [MIEN]/Mick’d

I know who you are.  I know what you want.  If you’re looking for romantic comedies, we don’t have any… but what we do have are a very particular set of films.  Films we have acquired over a matter of years.  Films that will give nightmares to people like you.  If you promise to keep watching from here until the end, we will not look for you, we will not pursue you.  But if you don’t, we will look for you.  We will find you and we will kill you.
…just kidding.  Maybe.
Welcome back, WOD Watchers!
With the weekend approaching fast, we have a couple of kick-ass films for you lined up today.  When I say “kick-ass”, I mean it quite literally.  Today’s theme wanders a bit from the standard idea of horror and dabbles in a bit of ultraviolence.  These are films that Liam Neeson and Jason Statham would be thrilled to star in.  Today is about revenge and getting back what’s owed to you in any way deemed necessary.
First up on the bill, we have [MIEN] by director Frank Appache.  This violent vignette of vanity kicks off right in the middle of the action and doesn’t stop until the credits roll.  We’re put inside the office of a skin rejuvenation clinic and soon find out they use some very questionable techniques that may do more harm than good.  One man found this out the hard way and storms the facility like fucking SEAL Team Six on a mission.  This film stands out from the pack with it’s powerful fight choreography that really puts a thud in your chest.  You’ll most likely exclaim “OH DAMN!” at least once to yourself.  The quick cuts and raw practical effects make this one jump off the screen and pulls you into the scene.  Give it a watch, you’ll see what I [MIEN]. (see what I did there?)
Bringing up the rear in today’s gruesome twosome comes from director Steve Pettit Jr.  In Mick’d, the story centers around a veteran hitman being asked to go on one last mission to clear his employer’s debts.  So on he goes, seeking out his victims one by one.  This film does a good job as portraying these targets as merely business.  To the hitman, it’s merely a means to an end.  This one features excessive gun use that will have you Americans loving your second amendment right.  What this film lacks in acting performances, it makes up for by making the characters bleed…a lot.  This remorseless terminator goes through debt after debt, making them pay with their life.  But is he really done for good?  Who knows… I guess you’ll have to watch and find out.
Annnnnnd ACTION!
– Dominick DeLuca

World of Death is the web series that fans of independent horror have been waiting for.  Featuring short horror films from all over the globe created by the largest variety of talent that a collection has ever been able to boast, WOD provides plenty of blood, guts, screams and laughs for all fans of the macabre.  And with episodes averaging around eight minutes in length, WOD is the perfect entertainment for a fan base constantly on the go.  Watch it anywhere, at any time, for FREE! New episodes premiere every Monday and Thursday at 10am CST.






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