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[Review] ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ is a Fitting Conclusion Made for Fans

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is one of the only films I’ve ever seen that starts with a clean slate, but also picks up minutes after the film that came before it. Remember when Wesker (Shawn Roberts) gives Alice (Milla Jovovich) her powers back and they, along with Ada Wong (Li Bingbing), Leon Kennedy (Johann Urb) and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), watch as Washington D.C. is overtaken by zombies and other monsters? Well, Washington D.C. is razed to the ground and Ada, Leon and Jill are nowhere to be found in this film. Presumably they all died in between these two movies, but nobody mentions that so maybe they lived?

Anyway, Alice is given a 48-hour time limit to reach Raccoon City and save humanity from going extinct by the Red Queen (Ever Gabo Anderson) who decides she doesn’t want to wipe us out anymore thanks to a mysterious file uploaded into her system.

In terms of action, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter does everything it can to make sure its wastes as little of its 106 minute runtime on dialog as possible. Paul W.S. Anderson went the distance to make sure that every leftover action scene idea he had left over in his brain made it into this film, and the plot he spins along with them is just coherent enough to give the audience something to root for.

There are so many fight scenes in this film that some characters don’t even have time to tell you their name. The fights themselves are well-choreographed, but the shots cut so often, and the camera is zoomed in so far that sometimes it’s a little tough to keep up. The monsters in the film are a mixed bag of CG and prosthetic effects, but in both cases they look pretty good and suitably gross. There’s definitely an over-abundance of jumpscares, and I’ll happily admit the first few are original and made me jump in my seat, they get pretty silly by the end of it all.

I was really impressed with the CGI environment work in this film. The wiped out version of Washington D.C. was a haunting visual that looked as good as some of the bigger budget superhero films, and every scene featuring hoards of zombies outdid World War Z hands down. The only visual effects that looked a little cheesy were the numerous explosions that blow characters into the sky, but of course since it’s Resident Evil they end up just fine.

If you were hoping that the effort that went into tying Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Retribution to the game series these films were spawned from, you’re going to be a little let down. The only character, as far as I can tell, that makes their way back into this one is Claire Redfield (Ali Larter). She has a couple badass fight scenes herself, but she’s mostly just there to cheer Alice on in her quest to end the Umbrella Corporation. There are a couple of bat creatures that look like they may have been taken out of “Resident Evil 6” though.

The biggest disappointment in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the teased return to Raccoon City and the ‘Umbrella Hive’ from the first film. Except for one amazing fight scene in the infamous laser hallway, by the time the main characters get there the film has already decided it’s time to wrap up. There’s a great convergence of heroes and villains but before I had any chance to take it all in, the credits were rolling.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how many comedic moments there are in the film. The series has always been a little tongue-in-cheek, but this one doesn’t pull any stops on letting you know that it’s totally aware of how absurd its gotten over the years and all of the jokes and one-liners elicited laughs from the entire theater. It’s great to see Paul W.S. Anderson take a breath and let some genuine humor into the series.

Since this film’s primary job is to wrap up the insane, twisted story that Paul W.S. Anderson has spun over the years, one that somehow out-batshits the games, the reasoning for Umbrella causing the near-extinction of the human race is revealed. It takes a bizarre religious turn that isn’t ever really explained in detail but the character spearheading the whole thing makes it all worthwhile. The clone sub-plot is re-introduced and thankfully the film doesn’t wait for explanations so you’re never forced to look to far into it.

If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil film franchise, you’re probably going to love Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Despite this being the sixth film in the franchise, there’s really not much tying it to past films, so if you’re dying for an insane action-horror hybrid I think it’s worth seeing with a group of friends. The end is both definitive and left just open enough for a ‘just in case’ sequel, but it’s satisfying nonetheless. It’s not a great film by any stretch, but at this point you should know what you’re walking into with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and I can confidently say it’s a high point of the series.

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  • Bran

    ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ is a Fitting Conclusion Made For People That Never Played the Video Games. Fixed the title…

    • Adam Periandri

      No thats not true. If its her ending then why is it left open for another one. If it was truly her ending it shouldnt be left open.

  • Dangelo Dlo Ferg

    I really loved this film. It’s so strange to me how people complain and say “these are nothing like the games.” Have you all not noticed that the games (minus the most recently released 7 and the first 3) are JUST as absurd as the movies? Chris Redfield punched a damn boulder into a volcano………… Anyways, as a fan of both the films AND the games, I love that the films took an original approach with elements from the games as an adaptation should be. If Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft, and every other failed video game turned film franchise is any indication, it doesn’t matter how faithful you are to the source material… if a film sucks it sucks.

    • zombie84_41

      Well said. Warcraft was actually pretty good considering I was expecting huge pile of steaming shit. And assassins creed was another mindless fun movie. Horrible game adapations are the UWE BOLL directed movies. LOL he did fucking FAR CRY. FAR CRY LOL like I forgot that was even a damn ass movie. As well house of the dead, alone in the dark, bloodrayne. Its like he took our favorite films and ruined everything about them. Thats what gamers and movie buffs should be pissed bout not RE films.

  • zombie84_41

    I really loved this movie, just mindless fun. Thats all. I got what I wanted. Hell it didn’t answer some questions, but neither did the 6 fucking years we spent watching LOST that ended with one the most stupiding endings to a show that I can remember. It basically tossed out everything that was mention in other seasons. Sort of like the RE films they don’t mention alot of things. But hell you love it anyways.

    • Mavis Zene

      Did you enjoy retribution?

  • sean

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, because you’re one of those people who wait to see what the critics say first. Advice don’t listen to the critics at all! The film is excellent and grossly underrated. Final Chapter is worth the admission!

    • Mavis Zene

      Did you enjoy Retribution?

      • sean

        Yes I did.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          No offence to you, but the fact you liked Retribution and are recommending Final Chapter doesn’t do a lot to rally me to your cause.

          • mrt_toby

            Same bruh, I liked the series from start up to Afterlife.They messed up the story in Retribution and destroyed some of the facts from the previous films./

          • GunsOfNavarone

            A lot of people say Afterlife was the worst one, well I don’t know what they were watching when I was watching Retribution because that movie was just a bad movie whichever way you looked at it.

          • mrt_toby

            yes. Retribution really destroyed the story. Since that “facility underwater” thing came out. 🙁

          • mrt_toby

            The Last Chapter and Retributio, so many flaws based on the story line of the first four movies

    • Angela M Campany

      Yep it sure is hun ! I said the same thing ,right here : “Final Chapter is worth the admission ” !

  • Maxime C

    Yeah it’s a good thing it’s over now. I loved the first one, and then it just got worse and worse. BUT, always fun. And this one is very fun.
    Some problems here and there but overall, we knew what we went for: fun, not so great male actors, power girls, some useless characters to kill along the way…
    Not disappointed.
    As for the whole TWIST thing, well… meeh it’s not really surprising but it’s alright.

    Can we please stop the “we’re too much on earth so they decided to kill us and start all over again” thing as a reason to kill the world in EVERY movie??

  • I’m a big fan of the Resident Evil’s films, so I decided to see this movie but I was with low expectations because I didn’t like the trailers and the idea of “kill” almost all the characters of the previous installments.

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens with Alice telling what happened in the last films and then we see a good action scene between the main character and a monster, in the ending of that scene, the red queen shows how to save the world.

    Finally, we can see a perfect mix between action and horror, there are a LOT of good and thrilling action scenes, a lot of jump scares and some violence. RE Extinction was great in that too, but in my opinion Final Chapter does it better. I can say Alice is the worthy successor of any action character of the 80s films, she’s like a daughter between John Rambo and the Terminator.
    The plot is good, has some intense scenes (the ventilation/blower scene is my favorite) and there are no boring moments, although we can find some little plot holes, the editing is a bit messy and neither the all good action sequences or can help us to forget the absence of the previous characters.

    Good points:
    – The epic action scenes;
    – The scary moments;
    – The ending is great;

    Bad points:
    – The zombies aren’t charismatic or even scary.
    – There are some plot holes;
    – The editing could be better;
    – The lack of some characters;

    Final opinion:
    This new Resident Evil film is one of the best movies based in videogames, but has some defects as the editing, some plot holes and the lack of characters such as Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong. However, we have a good story, epic action scenes, jump scares, some mystery and Milla Jovovich.
    Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to do a great ending!

    Note: 7.5/10

  • this movie could have been way better, but whoever edited the film OD’d on fucking smash cuts during the fight scenes…like…jesus they were so unnecessary.

    And where the fuck are chris, leon, ada, jill, etc? i mean yeah i see they didn’t invite them to return, they don’t even mention them except for once by claire then it’s not talked about ever again.

    • sean

      Gabriel, I guess you missed the start of the film? Where Alice says” this is the end to my story.” My point is I don’t see the need to bring in 4 or 5 more heroes and heroines. Where would all this extra screen time come from? The movie was excellent just as is! Honestly, this is the only film that I can recall, that they got to the point right away and remained there. There was no wasted time of unnecessary romance and talk just to pass time. I don’t understand how someone doesn’t like a film that never wasted the viewers time and was fun and action-oriented from start to finish.

      • >I guess you missed the start of the film?

        No, i didn’t.

        >My point is I don’t see the need to bring in 4 or 5 more heroes and heroines. Where would all this extra screen time come from?

        And yet they had time to bring in like a few random new people, who die one by one as soon as they get into the hive. These people didn’t matter. Not even the one who turns out to be an umbrella informant. They had Chris Redfield, Leon, Ada, claire, and becky, they could have had these people survive and help Alice in her mission, but instead we settle for a bunch of fucking nobodies who got introduced in the middle of the movie and then died like 30 minutes later. And this is AFTER they built up that the people from the last movie were going to play a significant role in the final chapter.

        >The movie was excellent just as is!

        No, it fucking wasn’t, it was mediocre at best.

        >Honestly, this is the only film that I can recall, that they got to the point right away and remained there. There was no wasted time of unnecessary romance and talk just to pass time.

        The plot makes no sense though, In the last movie, RE: Retribution, the red queen’s trying to kill Alice along with the rest of humanity. In this one, it turns out she’s trying to SAVE humanity, which directly conflicts with retribution’s story.

        >I don’t understand how someone doesn’t like a film that never wasted the viewers time and was fun and action-oriented from start to finish.

        They did though, they set up all this cool shit in the 5th movie, that we could have seen at the beginning of TFC and instead they chose to fucking handwave it.

        • Adam Periandri

          I agree dont get me wrong i love resident evil. But when does Claire ever mention anything about Chris ada jill and leon. And this film was supposed to pick up at the end of the last resident evil!
          Dont u think i would have been good to see wesker betray her ?? And speaking of wesker where in the hell is his powers????? Did they just magically vanish.

          • mrt_toby

            same here, I don’t know what happened to Wesker, I’m really confused on what they have done to the storyline.

            But inside of my head, I am thinking that the Wesker from the Last Chapter is not the same as the Wesker from Afterlife and Retribution movie. But from the last film, it seems that they really know each other, so maybe the writers forgot that Wesker has powers from the previous films. haha

            They really don’t consider some of the things here tsk

      • >Honestly, this is the only film that I can recall, that they got to the point right away and remained there. There was no wasted time of unnecessary romance and talk just to pass time.

        Seriously. Watch Retribution then go watch the final chapter and say that with a straight face.

  • Thiago S.

    Just seen it; probably the best one in the series. I was quite surprised. Linear movie, comes full circle in the end, answers many questions left by the other movies… and manages to elevate the series by providing an interesting, socially relevant background to the whole outbreak. Crazy action. All things considered, I don’t think I could’ve expected anything better out of a sixth RE movie

    • How was the editing? From the clips released it looked hectic and confusing. Dd you have a problem following the action?

      • Thiago S.

        not really! i mean, there are fast cuts, yeah, but nothing that actually gets in the way of following the action

        • Ok cool. Because the released clips were so fast and paced edited that I was confused and Anderson is known to showcase the action rather than hind it.

  • Dennis Chenier

    Got back last night and I couldn’t be happier with the movie overall. The ending is very satisfying and felt closest to the first movie, which is one of my favorite films. The action is off the charts, the 3D is arguably the best I’ve personally witnessed, a lot of the loose ends are tied up nicely and actually leaves room for the franchise to be rebooted/spawn sequels. I’m going to miss Resident Evil.

  • sweetooth0

    The shaky cam is a bit much, there’s whole action sequences where you literally can’t tell what the hell is going on. But. that’s the only thing that disappointed me about
    this one really. It’s kick ass in every other way. Stylistically, this
    one is closest to the #3 with the gritty post apocalyptic aesthetic
    that they sorta ditched on in 4 and 5. Epic zombie hordes, kick ass monsters, intensity cranked to 11 for pretty much the entire movie and a solid ending to the story arc of the franchise.

  • Bob Cassella

    Being a fan of the movies since the beginning—it made me sad to see this last chapter turn out SO lackluster. As someone else mentioned, the editing is absolutely horrendous. Way too many quick cuts and zoom-ins. In previous installments, when the storyline went off the rails, we could at the very least count on some pretty entertaining action sequences. Here they are sooo bad, and hard to decipher due to the contant cuts. You can’t tell what the fuck is going on.

    It’s upsetting because the first 3 movies were actually pretty good. I liked the characters they established. I looked forward to seeing where the story was heading.
    After the 4th movie, they got reaaallly lazy, and I stopped caring about pretty much everything. You know it’s bad when pretty much every mystery over the span of half the franchise can be answered with “oh, it’s a clone”. Paul W.S. Anderson would also introduce characters, and then drop them the next moment without explanation (Angie Ashford, K-Mart, all the game characters from the end of 5). The plots also became more pointless. This movie could have been GREATLY helped if they showed the final stand against Umbrella, utilizing all the game characters who’ve previously made appearances throughout the film series.

    SPOILER: I also HATE how they retconned Dr. Ashford’s storyline from Apocalypse. In that movie, it was shown that Dr. Ashford created the T-Virus to help combat his daughter Angie’s degenerative illness. This movie starts out introducing a NEW doctor who created the T-Virus to help with his daughter’s rapid-aging disease. And the reason they did this? So that they could write in a twist at the end that tied Alice to Umbrella and the Red Queen. Fucking bullshit.

    • You know what’s worse? The doctor they introduced is actually supposed to be James Marcus. One of the founders of Umbrella in the game, who showed up in Resident Evil 0. So, this dude’s been around since 2002, could have used him in the second movie instead of the ashford guy, at any point, and they only just now decided to use him in a movie where his introduction makes no goddamn sense.

      • Bob Cassella

        Yeah, exactly. Although I did kinda find it funny that Wesker assassinated Marcus in both the game and movie universe lol.

        • Rick Belgarde

          and why is that funny?

          • Bob Cassella

            Because Paul Anderson chose to be inconsistent about virtually every other thing while making these movies, but then he decided to make that ONE small detail from the game pop up.

    • mrt_toby

      I also got confused on what happened in the storyline of the film, mostly when they try to connect what happened in the “facility” and in the “real world”.

      I also try to think what happened to Wesker, from the Retribution’s end, it seems that he is the same Wesker from Afterlife, with powers, but based on the last film, I just realized that he is powerless, unlike from the fourth movie that he regenerates super fast.

  • Angela M Campany

    Pure adrenalin rush from beginning to end …..I am sad to see it go, but if this is the end it went out on top ! XXXX.5 Crossbones out of 5 from me !

    • Saturn

      Not sure I’d give it 5 from 5, but I enjoyed it enough as a popcorn flick, and if it does well enough at the box office, and they put a spin on it that that certain plot device at the end goes a little wrong, so we can have more sequels…?
      I’d probably watch it – but it’s probably time to put it to bed and give the series a reboot which sticks more to the horror aspect than the action movie vibe that the franchise has been.

      • Angela M Campany

        At this point if i could get any kind of film , i would be ecstatic. Yea more zombie related stuff would be awesome and preferable ! But the action in this was from start to finish and it flew by so fast ….any movie that can do this, is really a solid movie ! Nice send off for our girl Alice ! It currently sets at $135 million dollars at the world wide box office against a $40 million dollar production budget ! To me they made the most out of the budget too …it looked like it could cost a lot more honestly .. lol !

  • Rick Belgarde

    all of a sudden, Alice is the daughter of James Marcus? I always knew there was a reason I hated Alice, but that? I hate the writers and these movies over all now, and anyone who does like these movies, good for you, really, I’ve never seen such poor taste in movies in all my life.

    • the first 3 were alright, then they started getting weird the moment they started utilizing clones.

      • mrt_toby

        yes, the story got worse when they made it look like the first four movies happened only in a facility.

        • they didn’t, it’s just the 5th movie that did. that said, the fifth and sixth movies didn’t even need to happen. They had so much shit they could have worked with after “afterlife” ended, and they chose to squander it.

          • mrt_toby

            yes that’s what I said hehe. The last two films could have ended better if they continue it with the flow of the first four movies.

            I am waiting for the finale to be a great fight between Wesker and Alice with their powers on, but they ended Wesker’s life just like that? huhu. At least it would be better if they continued the Last Chapter starting from the end of Retribution so we could see what happened in White House and other cool characters, it would be badass I think 🙁 Just sayin’

    • Heichou

      They should’ve respected the Original Script. And not having to do with. “MY NAME IS ALICE” In every opening Resident evil. BECAUSE We know what her name is lol. And like eho gives a Fck?

  • Adam Periandri

    What happened to jill leon chris ada and what. Happened to weskers powers

    • mrt_toby

      same thoughts man, I’ve been wondering if he is the same wesker from RE afterlife

      • Adam Periandri

        See if it was a bunch of nobodies no one cares but its not. those are all big name characters leon kennedy. Chris Redfield ada wong and jill valentine. All big name characters from the resident evil games. And wesker turning on them would have been a very crucial point in the films. So this movie is far from great and im a big resident evil fan besides it states that this movie picks up right after the last movie. But does it? No it does not! This is what we should have had seen in the start of the movie.

        • mrt_toby

          Yes it would be badass. At the end of Retribution, I’m so hyped because of that scene. Im expecting a journey with Alice and those guys. It would be awesome if the last chapter showed how Wesker betrayed them. I would like to see a fight between him and those four, but they just skipped the part and we dont know what happened to Wesker’s powers, and those three cool characters. 🙁 would have been the best ending despite of what they did to the storyline

      • David Nevin

        This is exactly what I think. The Wesker at The Hive is either a) another clone or b) the real human Wesker, but the T-Virus Wesker was also a clone and still on the loose somewhere. It’s the only way to explain his lack of powers, unless he took the anti-virus, but they could have just said that in the movie. Paul WS Anderson is not a good writer but he’s not THAT stupid to overlook that major plot inconsistency, surely.

    • They’re dead apparently. Or at least leon, jill, and ada are. and becky.

      • Heichou

        They probably hitched a ride to the remake. Said “Fck this Trash Role”

    • 30011887

      were supposed to believe wesker killed them all

  • Ji Teves

    I was wondering wesker gave alice back the t-virus thus she didn’t use or has no power at the last chapter? i was hoping she would be the old powerful alice

  • David Nevin

    I hated this movie. It makes no sense, retconn’s it own story – and Paul WS Anderson wrote ALL of them – and the editing is beyond horrible. I like/enjoy all the movies to varying degrees, but this one is hands down the worst by a huge margin. I could forgive the dumbness, but not the massive lack of continuity between previous films and absurd ‘twist’ about Umbrella’s bizarre religious motives for the T-Virus release. The whole thing is just so stupid. The closure to Alice’s story is reasonably OK, but it’s hard to take good from then when the film takes a steaming dump on the previous five films in every other aspect. Nothing else adds up at all.

  • Brock Neilon

    This ending was a joke. Without the Umbrella population the human population is according to them around 4000. That is no were near enough humans to support re-population. The human race is literally doomed because of Alice’s revenge. So stupid it annoys the hell out of me.

    • 30011887

      • Brock Neilon

        Well played sir.

    • Heichou


  • Sandy Mango Huang

    In a strange way they should make a show about this like how Alice’s life was before the T-virus or alyssa something and then the after math. OMG RESIDENT EVIL: AFTER THE END or smt…

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