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Watch King Kong Fight a Dinosaur in This ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Clip!

We just now scored an action-packed look at Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island, which drops an unfortunate John C. Reilly and Tom Hiddleston in the middle of a fight between the King and a dinosaur of sorts. I like that the humans are on the run from the creature, and hope there’s a lot more set pieces that allow the actors to interact with the monsters (something that didn’t happen once – not once – in Godzilla).

Scripted by Max Borenstein, John Gatins, Dan Gilroy, and Derek Connolly, and directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the film stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Tian Jing, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, John Ortiz, Thomas Mann, Shea Whigham, Toby Kebbell, and Eugene Cordero.

In KONG: SKULL ISLAND, a diverse team of explorers is brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific – as beautiful as it is treacherous – unaware that they’re crossing into the domain of the mythic Kong.

Skull Island opens in theaters on March 10th, 2017, followed by Godzilla 2, which is being directed by Michael Dougherty, on March 22, 2019, and Godzilla vs. Kong on May 29, 2020.



  • augster3

    Looks great!!!


    GODZILLA had a few interaction scenes between the actors and the monsters. Ford(ATJ) interacted with the Femuto near the end of the film he was cornered, even before that both he and Godzilla had a small interactive moment that mirrored two similar forces, despite their differences, were fighting the same battle for the same reasons: Survival.

    Beyond that if we’re talking about the actors running away from the monsters, or reacting to the monsters, then Ford had done plenty of that with both the male and female Muto.

    So that’s definitely untrue, GODZILLA may not have as many moments(or moments of this scale) as KONG SKULL ISLAND in that field, but the former still had a few none the less.,

    Aside from that, I am definitely looking forward to this film!

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    how original

  • amir ezra

    Kong vs three T.Rex in the Peter Jackson version is still the best monster brawl after all these years.

    • Weresmurf


      (Just saying lol, it’s the dumbass name they gave to them lol)

      • Matt

        No worse than Indominus Rex. LOL

      • J Jett

        Vagina-Rex? 🙂

    • Zachary Brown

      Agreed. The whole sequence where Kong, the V-Rex, and Naomi Watts hang in the vines was insane

      • amir ezra

        Blonde white women must have a special unique taste to the V Rexes. Otherwise, it’s not worth fighting Kong to the death for that little tiny nibblet of so called food.

  • Looks amazing! One of the most hyped movies this year for myself.

  • Brandon

    So is every large, vaguely reptilian creature automatically a dinosaur now? I bet you think komodo dragons and crocodiles are dinosaurs, too. Good to know people are still this ignorant.

    • Clearly Harambe over here doesn’t react well to descriptions of fictional creatures. Chill out.

    • Matt

      Crocodiles more or less are dinosaurs. Just saying.

      • Brandon

        No, they’re not. Dinosaurs and crocodilians belong to separate clades under Archosauria – Avemetatarsalia and Pseudosuchia. They split off from each other over 200 million years ago. Educate yourself.

  • Cure4Humanity

    “hope there’s a lot more set pieces that allow the actors to interact with the monsters (something that didn’t happen once – not once – in Godzilla).”
    You’ve thus confirmed that you didn’t actually see the film. GG

    • J Jett

      Cure, i agree w/ you. there were several (very cool!) moments in GODZILLA with humans and the monsters.

  • FadedLineVigil

    Looks cool, but is it just me or does the scale of Kong seem all over the place? Some shots and marketing pieces he looks nearly Godzilla size, but in this clip he doesn’t look much larger than Jackson’s version.

    • RKSDooM

      No, I was totally thinking the same thing. He looks much smaller in this scene than I thought he was going to be.

    • J Jett

      FadedLine, i was thinking the same thing. his scale/size looks different/off.

  • Vinod Kumar

    Is it came from Pacific rim – kairos

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