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Someone Remade the 1983 Video Nasty ‘Unhinged’

88 Films and ITN Distribution nabbed worldwide sales rights to Proportion Productions’ remake of the 1983 video nasty, Unhinged.

Melissa and her three American bridesmaids decide to take the English back roads whilst travelling to her wedding in the countryside. On the way, a deadly secret forces the girls to be stranded in the woods. They discover a house, occupied by Miss Perkins, who promises to look after them until they find help. Little do the girls know, a dark evil lurks in and around the grounds of the house. Only when the girls come face to face with ‘it’ will they truly discover what real horror is…

The cast includes Kate Greer (Neighbours, Fox Trap), Lucy-Jane Quinlan (Cage, The Cutting Room), Becky Fletcher (Fox Trap, Lucifer’s Night), Lorena Andrea (Papillon, The House on Elm Lake), Michelle Archer (12 Deaths of Christmas), Louisa Warren, Faye Goodwin and more.

Unhinged is Dan Allen’s directorial feature debut and is currently in final stages of post production, having shot in England September 2016. It’s set for a September 2017 DVD/VOD release.

Proportion Productions is a UK based feature film production company that hopes to make a modern wink at classic slashers such as Curtains, Black Christmas (1974) and House on Sorority Row.



  • Munchie

    So a pointless remake to a deservedly forgotten piece of shit? Sounds great!

    • Peter Kushing

      THOSE are the fuckin films to remake. Shitbangers like “I dismember mama”. Not classic films.

      • Saturn

        You Sir, are right!

        Problem is though that there is no “brand” recognition so it won’t make the kinda dough that a widely known movie possibly would.

    • UNHINGED was actually a nice and disturbing 80s film with a finale that would likely enrage far right wing politicians(see the original film and find out what I’m not dropping a Spoiler on). This remake looks like it doesn’t get what made the original film work and is as gratuitous as any of the other remakes of the last several years.

      • Munchie

        Ok, so I need to see the original then. Is it available anywhere?

  • Saturn

    If ever a movie I never thought would be remade this is it – I remember watching it many moons ago hoping for another Evil Dead (I’m in the UK, so the whole Video Nasty thing was something that directly affected me as a kid) but don’t really remember that much about it aside from “meh” why the hell was THAT banned?

    The trailer for the remake doesn’t really reel me in per se, but I may give it a go just so I can think “that girl with the nose ring looks like a young Ellen Sandweiss” every time she appears on screen.

    It kinda reminds me a little of ISOYG due to what could potentially turn out to be a gang rake scene.

  • Brandon

    Should’ve shot at Pittock Mansion, again. What a genuinely interesting location.

  • Abandoned_Being

    From watching the trailer I don’t see a whole lot of resemblance from the original film other then from a few scenes. There seems to be added moments that are not needed as well. I could be wrong but I’ll wait until I see the film.

  • marklola12 .

    this looks totally shit lol, also they filmed it here in the UK yet managed to find a house that looked like it was from some American backward county lol

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