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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 55 Margaret / Dolls!

Hold on to your teddy bears kids because on today’s episode of World of Death we are turning back the clock and delving into your childhood fears.  Everybody is at least a little creeped out by dolls, right?  Their deadpan expressions, their disproportionate bodies, their weird, tiny hands…  It’s high time you get a full dose of the tiny-handed creep-factor with these DOLL themed horror shorts from your World of Death brethren.

First up, directing trio Amanda Eastman, Andrew Jacob DeHart and Kelli Tidmore bring us MARGARET, where a mother helps her son move into his grandmother’s home after her death.  Immediately they are greeted by an old doll named Margaret and it’s apparent mom has a special kinship to the little porcelain b$tch.  World’s Creepiest Effing Doll Award definitely goes to Margaret, with her cracked head and her teeny tiny hands… KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Then, hailing from (OH) Canada, my home and native land, we have Dave Mcleod and his aptly named DOLLS! where two, tiny-handed dolls compete to see which of their tempting mousetraps will catch a mouse first.  I loved the subtle puppeteering in this one, giving each these little dolls their own personalities, which makes them even creepier.  BURN THEM!

Make sure you have your security blanket and sucking thumb at the ready because these films are going to give you some confusing nightmares!  Be sure to give the WOD Facebook page a like, and share with your friends, or we’ll probably have to sick Margaret on you.

– Jessie Robbins

World of Death is the web series that fans of independent horror have been waiting for.  Featuring short horror films from all over the globe created by the largest variety of talent that a collection has ever been able to boast, WOD provides plenty of blood, guts, screams and laughs for all fans of the macabre.  And with episodes averaging around eight minutes in length, WOD is the perfect entertainment for a fan base constantly on the go.  Watch it anywhere, at any time, for FREE! New episodes premiere every Monday and Thursday at 10am CST.






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