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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 60 – Malpractice / Menstru-Minute

Happy Thursday, WOD Watchers!

The weekend is almost here and we’re back with another gruesome twosome to usher in any festivities you have planned.  At World of Death we are firm believers in equality among men and women.  Since yesterday was International Women’s Day, we would like to take this moment to thank and acknowledge all of the scream queens, heroines, directors, producers, make-up artists, costume designers, editors and any woman who have made contributions to the genre and have left everlasting memories of terror burned into our skulls or feelings of dread and love of our favorite monsters deep in our hearts.  We raise our glasses and salute you!
Now to really celebrate Women’s Day, we have a couple films tackling issues every woman faces in life.  So let’s get on with it…
First up is Malpractice by Steven Wesley Miller.  A doctor makes his rounds, going house to house to each of his patients, administering his special beauty “treatments.”  His serum has some adverse side effects, however, causing rashes and hallucinations.  This one really shows the depths of which some people will go to stay looking young and beautiful.  There are little innuendos throughout this film that hint toward the loss of innocence.  It eventually evolves from a straight narrativei nto an experimental film and utilizes some unorthodox editing techniques.  Combined with the lighting, camera angles, and crazy sound design, it rapidly turns into a bad acid trip of bloodthirsty women.  They really put the Cleaver in June Cleaver…
Next in line, feast your eyes upon Menstru-Minute, directed by our neighbor from the north, A. Normale Jef.  This one is in the style of a gore-fest infomercial for a pill that makes a woman’s menstrual cycle last only 1 minute, as opposed to days.  As the infomercial unfolds, it reveals all the terrors that come with a woman’s period, only in a Cliff’s Notes amount of time and intensified a hundred times over.  Now I am going to admit, being a man, I have NO idea about the actual horrors of dealing with a menstrual cycle every month, but I can do my best to empathize with my female counterparts.  I feel like this video exemplifies everything that’s going on inside a woman’s head during that time of the month.  Combined with a shit ton of blood and Suicide Girl-like models, this one is in your face and doesn’t pussyfoot around the subject of Aunt Flo’s visit.  Even though some of the effects may look a bit campy, I think just knowing what it represents, induces the gag reflex.
So there you have it.  Go watch these and then thank all the women in your life for doing what they do.  They earned it.  Trust me.
Roll it.
– Dominick DeLuca

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