WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 72 - Extract / Matricide - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 72 – Extract / Matricide



Happy 4/20 day World of Dopers! This week we’ll be rolling up some grass, gore, and ghastly shorts from two horror film headtrippers.  First up is the utterly hypnotic synthesis of high-temperature fever dream and acid flashback, EXTRACT, by Director Evan Secory.  This wholly original experimental effort combines Suspiria-esque hallucinatory visuals, a mind-bendingly atmospheric underscore, and a general aesthetic that is a perfect compliment to the overall WOD design. The photography, editing scheme, and radically eccentric tone are all remarkably idiosyncratic and enormously effective. Extract is equal parts arthouse chic, and raw, visceral, bold filmmaking – outlaw cinema at its most conspicuously flamboyant. This is what I like to call a “drug film”; surreal and narcotic – a perfect digital anesthetic, best consumed under the influence. This is one of my favorite shorties as I really appreciate filmmakers that aren’t afraid to push the envelope – particularly those that are committed to personal research and development – especially the self-indulgent, neurological variety.

MATRICIDE is another innovative and brazenly cerebral shortie straight from Director Graham Hart’s laboratory. It too possesses a specific experimental bend – I mean how often does a protagonist-fetus take center stage? This is both a horror film, and comedic cautionary tale aimed at both the maternal set and the horror film community in general. I suspect the filmmakers were more occupied with their grandiose set piece than exploring the fundamentals of motherly instincts but the bizarro-world film still works as a compelling head-scratcher and pseudo-satire. The voice-over work borders on farce, but I urge you to pay attention – the film’s amusing yet unsettling thesis statement can be found within. Matricide also contains some slick visuals and maintains a twisted, totally inhospitable tone throughout – its an uncomfortable picture, which would explain its effectiveness as oddball, avant-garde schlock. Think Look Who’s Talking meets Stuart Gordon meets David Cronenberg. Talk about a whacked-out mind fuck.
Until next time horror fans, smoke em’ if you got em’.
– B.A. Lewandowski

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