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This ‘Mummy’ Trailer Curses Tom Cruise to Set Up Dark Universe

Universal has shared one final trailer for The Mummy, this time really going all-in on the fact that Tom Cruise is going to be the centerpiece of their monsters universe. We’ve been telling you for months that Cruise is being set up as the central “Van Helsing” character in the universe, with us learning that the Mummy (Sofia Boutella) infects him with an evil that causes him to have powers and internal turmoil. The trailer gives this away, explaining how Cruise survives the plane crash – he’s been cursed by the Mummy. Doctor Jekyll (Russell Crowe) then explains that “It takes a monster, to defeat a monster,” while showing a battle that’s presumably from the film’s finale. Oh, and there’s a pretty cool zombie attack sequence to top it all off.




  • Poopsmith McUnty

    i feel like they’re undercutting all of the tension with the funny dialogue

    • ScriptGiverrrr

      *attempting to be funny dialogue

      • Poopsmith McUnty


    • J Jett

      even though i think the movie looks ok, i agree 100% that the “funny” dialogue (THAT’S MY FACE!! THAT’S MY FACE!!”, etc.) is completely awful/inappropriate.

  • sliceanddice

    any one else think this had bomb written all over it? i;m happy to be wrong.

    • Biscoito18

      This looks like a huge box office bomb just like King Arthur and Baywatch will probably be.

  • ScriptGiverrrr

    The first trailer made me want to see this.
    The second trailer took away some excitement.
    This trailer convinced me to never ever watch this, even when it eventually hits Netflix.

    Good work Universal.


      it’ll get a redbox viewing but yes you nailed it

      • ScriptGiverrrr

        The Exorcist tv show did the double iris better.

  • Jonny Folk Horror

    Looks horrible , so far removed from the original it’s terrifying, and not in a good way.

  • J Jett

    i have to admit i loved the part where Cruise’s character surprises the Princess/Mummy (he’s tapping into his “dark side”?) and throws her across the room. that part was badass. i think this looks semi-decent. i accepted the fact it won’t be a true horror movie but as a mindless, fun action-horror film i think it will be decent (on DVD/home viewing).

  • Biscoito18

    Why make a new version of The Mummy and maintain the action-oriented style with little jokes from the previous trilogy? Looks like they’ve just changed the action star, the color palette and the gender of the mummy. Looks dated!

  • Just wondering

    I’m willing to give this a chance but I’m not too hopeful. After watching this, part of me thinks that Tom Cruise may be the Wolf Man.

  • Mr. Dry

    The best trailer fot this movie yet is the one with the glitched audio.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    And there we have it. Tom Cruise with 4 irises. The question we now should ask ourselves is: Need anyone ever attempt to make another movie again? The bar has now simply been set too high. It was already everything anybody could ever want from a film when it was just Tom Cruise running around looking intense, but then they dropped the cadrouple iris bomb. Bravo. The spirit of L. Ron Hubbard just cried in adulation and jerked himself off with the natural lubrication of ghost tears. *slow, building 80’s clap*


    I hate this movie more with each trailer

  • ScriptGiverrrr

    The Exorcist tv series did the eye thing better.

  • Sykes

    Huh. Actually looks worse than before.

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