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The Biblical References in ‘Prometheus’ for Dummies

Hi, I’m Brad, and I’m a Prometheus supporter. Love the film and think it’s one day going to earn people’s respect.

I’ve spent years attempting to break down the dense, convoluted and unexplained story behind Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel that was extended to include the forthcoming Alien: Covenant and any other of its future sequels. On the surface, it was confusing, lackluster, and maybe even a bit “alien” to viewers, but digging deep into the film’s tiny clues there was a rich mythology just waiting to burst out of someone’s chest.

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There’s more than a handful of Biblical references, highlighted by the subtle insinuation that Jesus was an Engineer and that because we killed him we weren’t worthy of an existence. Without getting into it for the umpteenth time, I’ll pass it over to Wisecrack, a hilarious YouTuber who breaks down the plot of Prometheus and shares some of its dark secrets in the process.




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