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The Biblical References in ‘Prometheus’ for Dummies

Hi, I’m Brad, and I’m a Prometheus supporter. Love the film and think it’s one day going to earn people’s respect.

I’ve spent years attempting to break down the dense, convoluted and unexplained story behind Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel that was extended to include the forthcoming Alien: Covenant and any other of its future sequels. On the surface, it was confusing, lackluster, and maybe even a bit “alien” to viewers, but digging deep into the film’s tiny clues there was a rich mythology just waiting to burst out of someone’s chest.

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There’s more than a handful of Biblical references, highlighted by the subtle insinuation that Jesus was an Engineer and that because we killed him we weren’t worthy of an existence. Without getting into it for the umpteenth time, I’ll pass it over to Wisecrack, a hilarious YouTuber who breaks down the plot of Prometheus and shares some of its dark secrets in the process.



  • Wil McMullen

    Hi Brad! I am a long time supporter of Promethues as well. Really dug the video btw.

  • Dave

    That dude is cringey as fuck


    that recap was hilarious

    • HappyClappy


  • The Drucifer

    PROMETHEUS isn’t difficult to dissect. It’s fairly on the nose and as subtle as a baseball bat; my problem is with its story telling. Why make it so damn convoluted? Is it because you have a fairly base chariot of the gods story you want to make “deeper”?

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      “as subtle as a baseball bat”


  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “highlighted by the subtle insinuation that Jesus was an Engineer”

    Except that lindelof is so clumsy that although his entire shtick is nothing more then being deliberately obtuse, he’s anything but subtle about it

    He just stumbles around being loudly dodgy

  • Icarus32Soar

    Great video, one only teases those one loves.

  • Ocelot006 .

    The old ‘one day it will earn it’s respect.’

    It doesn’t work like that anymore. This isn’t the days when it could take years for movies to be discovered and understood because well it could literally take years to discover them. Now we live in the age of instant access.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      We’ve all had every opportunity to dissect prometheus as a community

      Were back in the pre-internet days you and your friends in your own neighborhood might like something or not, and you would remain completely oblivious to everybody else in the world thinking it stinks

      That would be your local culture

      Anybody who was interested has argued the points for and against prometheus by now The people who like it at this point have heard all the arguments and genuinely like it, and people who dont genuinely dont

      The only exception to that rule I guess is the next generation just coming of age or just seeing it for the first time who missed the original debacle

  • Barry El Beardo

    I love Prometheus, for me it is easily the best Alien film. It has its flaws sure but I think it created such a rich interested basis for what came later.

  • HappyClappy

    Hilarious (rolls eyes).

  • Judge Satchmo

    I have just returned from Alien Covenant. It’s reasonably enjoyable. I am no fan of Prometheus, I believe that it was a epically beautiful misfire, but I admire its courage to try something new. To forge its own path. Alien Covenant has none of that courage. Nor does it possess much, if any, of the magic that made the original so iconic. The xenomorph and neomorphs feel like fan service after thoughts, almost as if Ridley was screaming at me “There! It’s the alien! Are you f&@king happy now?”

    In the end it feels like a compromised vision that tries to please everyone, and it will to some extent, but I feel like everyone who sees it will be left wanting.

    • rossmacmillan101

      I agree completely. I was very dissappointed with covenant and think that ridley missed a big opportunity to create a longer film with both the story of the engineers from prometheus and alien to satisfy both sets of fans.

  • Alanmac

    Prometheus has always had my respect. Amazing film if you ask me.

  • RawBeard

    Re-watched Prometheus to get ready for Alien: Covenant. It looks great with impressive cinematography and special effects, but sadly I still did not enjoy the film.

    Alien: Covenant is only slightly better because of a great sequence of events (without spoiling anything) it starts from standing on a plant spore to a group standing in field at night. That whole bit was well paced, very tense and had me on the edge of my seat. Sadly after that the film nose dives into the same story lines that bogged down Prometheus. Absolutely gutted!

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