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‘Blair Witch Project’ Director Meets ‘Griffin’s Ghost’ at Cannes

Choose your friends wisely.

Eduardo Sanchez, who directed The Blair Witch Project, Exisits the excellent Lovely Molly, the underrated and incredible Altered, and a segment in our V/H/S/2, is at Cannes with a new title.

In the tension-packed psychological thriller Griffin’s Ghost, penned by Jamie Nash and Jack Zeman, “Griffin Kidder is a career New Yorker with a strong yearning to be a mother. Ready to start a peaceful life outside the city, Griffin and her construction-savvy husband purchase a dilapidated house to renovate, only to discover the suburban home already has residents: a scarred family of apparitions.

After relentless torment by the youngest of the spirits, Griffin finally confronts the ghost. Only when their unusual connection deepens, does she realize the true threat isn’t inside the house. To expose the deception behind the deaths, the Kidders create unlikely alliances with a deeply traumatized family seeking release of their earth-bound pain.”

Adam Scherr is producing with Suzan Binder executive producing.



  • Cody

    I hate to be that guy but…that’s totally the same art work as Hide and Seek with Dakota Fanning and Robert DeNiro.

    • guest

      good catch.
      lol. they didnt even try to disguise it.

    • Cappy Tally

      I was skeptical at first, thinking it might just be a coincidence, but you’re actually right. The kid is new but that’s clearly the same base image with the door and the hallway and whatnot.

    • Papa_Cavedweller

      Ha ha, good call.

  • Ted C

    A woman named Griffin? Who comes up with this stuff?

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