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Universal Fully Details the “Dark Universe”; ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Up Next

Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.

Universal Pictures just announced that its series of films reviving the studio’s classic monster characters for a new generation, beginning with next month’s The Mummy, will be known as the Dark Universe. Furthermore, they’ve officially confirmed that several HUGE stars are on board to star in the subsequent films in the brand new universe.

The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster will be played by, respectively, blockbuster icon Johnny Depp and Academy Award winner Javier Bardem. They join superstar Tom Cruise as soldier of fortune Nick Morton and Oscar winner Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, who lead the all-star cast of The Mummy along with Sofia Boutella.

Bill Condon will direct Bride of Frankenstein, to be released in February 14, 2019.

At its organizing principle, Dark Universe films are connected by a mysterious multi-national organization known as Prodigium. Led by the enigmatic and brilliant Dr. Henry Jekyll, Prodigium’s mission is to track, study and—when necessary—destroy evil embodied in the form of monsters in our world. Working outside the aegis of any government, and with practices concealed by millennia of secrecy, Prodigium protects the public from knowledge of the evil that exists just beyond the thin membrane of civilized society…and will go to any length to contain it.

The motion logo for the new initiative features a musical theme composed by Danny Elfman and will debut in theaters preceding The Mummy, out on June 9.

Dark Universe was begun by core creatives Alex Kurtzman and producer Chris Morgan. Also joining the enterprise to inspire and entertain a new generation are such visionary talents as Oscar winner® Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible series, The Usual Suspects) and David Koepp (War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park).  

Check out the Dark Universe logo below!



  • Brando

    It might be smart to do Bride Of first, because it’d be implying all that history already, like they’re doing with The Mummy.

  • Randy Moses

    Looks like they digitally removed a cane from Russel Crowe’s hand.

  • Adam Daniel Lambert

    i thought they mentioned Luke Evans’ Dracula being a part too?

  • Wil McMullen

    If they can at least make one of these reboots, scary, a hard R, with a great storyline- then I would consider it money well spent.

    • Kram Maniak

      They don’t need to be a hard R,they didn’t have to in the beginning to be scary or successful and they don’t need to be now. And if you need that just to enjoy them,then you’re obviously not a fan of the Universal Monster films to begin with.

      • Wil McMullen

        Your part right, I grew up on movies like The Excorcist, Alien, Evil Dead etc. So some of the older Universal Monster movies were a bit dated to me, therefore they did not affect me in a way that has me loving them like some. However, It hasnt escaped me that those movies have indeed influenced many of the monster themed films of today. And it is my understanding that individuals that did see the older movies during their intial releases found them to be a bit scary for its time. If any of these future projects are going to be able to contend with any of these blockbuster movies, they most certainly cannot put out film that finds a mummy bumbling around with stiff arms, while the damsel cowers in the corner from a monster who can be taken out with a simple book of matches. They most certainly do need to be a bit scarier. I would like for them to be a hard R, but that’s just my opinion.

  • pablitonizer

    Wait till The Mummy flops and watch all this being rebooted from scratch! It happened with Dracula Untold, it’ll happen again….

    • Cappy Tally

      “Dracula Untold” wasn’t the intended start of this project. That movie languished in development hell from way back in 2006 when it was still called “Dracula: Year Zero”. They just wedged in a little sequel hook epilogue in case it was successful enough to retroactively include in their plans. They were literally referring to “The Mummy” as the start of this universe before “Dracula Untold” even came out.

      • pablitonizer

        Actually no… “On October 1, 2014, it was announced that reshoots had taken place shortly after the end of production to tie the film into the planned Universal Monsters franchise, which was being rebooted. Producer Alissa Phillips hoped that Evans’ character might have a cameo in a future The Mummy film and also spoke of a potential sequel to Dracula to reboot the franchise”

        • Cappy Tally

          That’s cute, you know how to copy and paste from Wikipedia. Next time take the citation out, dumbass.

          • pablitonizer

            You mother told me the same last night in bed! XOXO

          • Cappy Tally

            …My mom told you to take out the citations when you copy and paste from Wikipedia, presumably during intercourse? You’re, uh…you’re not a thinker, are you?

          • Saturn

            You win today’s Internet.

          • Chance LeBoeuf

            Top tier pillow talk right there.

          • A counter source?

        • Ocelot006 .

          You just confirmed what the guy above you said. So why are you saying ‘no’? Dracula Untold wasn’t meant to be the start of the universe. A scene was shot later for basically insurance purposes in case of emergency.

  • Grimphantom
  • Ocelot006 .

    Cruise, Bardem and Depp all inches away from each other? I’m gonna cum.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Does Brad know if Bardem is really supposed to be playing a college girl having visions?

    • Creepshow

      I told you before, she is still only in high school when The Mummy takes place. Give it time, and you’ll get your visionary college girl that Brad’s exclusive promised you.

  • Kram Maniak

    They should bring Luke Evans back as Dracula. He has the chops and appeal to be the perfect Dracula.

    • Richter Belmont

      I beg to differ. Mads Mikkelsen would be the most perfect Dracula aside from Lugosi.

      • biff

        That would be INSANE.

  • Ocelot006 .

    All my favorite cinematic characters in one picture: The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and….Nick Morton?

    • MODOK

      Well, Cruise did play a vampire, so pretend he’s Dracula.

    • Richter Belmont

      I’m pretty sure this is a one and done for Cruise. His contract is only for this one film but who knows he may change his mind.

    • Evan3

      I can’t believe Universal had the guts to cross all these monsters together with… NICK MORTON!


    It bothers me how many people are reflexively bashing these movies as unnecessary, silly, doomed to failure, etc. They’re not cheap cash-grabs with B-list stars, they’re earnest efforts to create an exciting, respectable, big-budget monster universe. That’s an awesome development as far as I’m concerned. As I’ve said before, if you love these iconic film monsters, you should want a new generation to appreciate them.

    I kind of wish they didn’t cast Depp, though. He’s a good actor when he’s not being silly, but he’s become box-office poison. I doubt that will change by the time Invisible Man is released. I’ve already heard way too many “invisible like his career” jokes and they only just announced his casting.

    • Richter Belmont

      Thank-you! A voice of reason for a change in regards to this reboot.

  • Richter Belmont

    Wasn’t Warner Bros going to call their series of DCEU supernatural films the Dark Universe, or was that only the name of the script that Del Toro eventually bailed on? Whatever. They’ll probably settle on Justice League Dark.

    I’m hoping that this Universal Monsters reboot works out financially because that will give WB the green light to bring their monsters and supernatural characters onto the screen. Swamp Thing and John Constantine need a serious reboot but I hope we will get to see The Demon and Zatanna, one day.

    • Evan3

      Given the quality of DC films, I don’t know that opening the door to more is a great idea.

  • Jada Maes

    If it must be done, then:

    Javier Bardem as The Monster
    Doug Jones as The Gill-Man
    Andy Serkis as Igor
    David Tennant as The Invisible Man
    Gwendoline Christie as The Bride
    Idris Elba as the Wolf Man
    Cillian Murphy as Dracula
    Shirley Manson as Hyde
    And Donald Glover as Van Helsing’s descendant.

    Female Hyde prevents Hulk comparison, if we all team up eventually.

    Javier is a no brainer.

    The Bride could be built as a physical match for her Monster.

    Tennant has the best pipes.

    Idris Elba shows up in everything now, so it’s the most fitting role for him.

    Picture Murphy vamping up before his rampage in 28 Days Later.

    If there’s creatures, Jones and Serkis will come.

    And Glover is great at playing goofy-but-intellectual (see The Martian).

  • Matt Graupman

    This seems destined to fail.

  • Rohan

    Wait, Bride of Frankenstein? Who’s gonna play the bride?

  • Evan3

    So in a couple weeks we get the second attempt at the shared universe starter (after Universal finally admitted Dracula Untold or whatever the fuck that turd-bag film was called was excised from the universe) with Tom Cruise’s the Mummy. But Tom Cruise isn’t a mummy (or at least, not the villainous mummy – though he may be a mummy based on the trailers). And this movie will also introduce Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde… who may or may not be a hero.

    So then Universal makes their big announcement by unveiling… a logo… for the shared universe… with a theme song… for the shared universe (and of course, the theme song is by Danny Elfman).

    They then include a picture that has
    Tom Cruise (the hero of the Mummy… possibly Van Helsing… Possibly a mummy… possibly a mummy Van Helsing).
    Sofia Boutella – (the evil Mummy from the movie next week).
    Javier Bardem – (either Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s Monster).
    Johnny Depp – (The Invisible Man).
    Russell Crowe – (Jekyll/Hyde).

    But then they say their next film will be… NONE OF THESE!

    Instead, their next film will be Bride of Frankenstein starring….????? Who knows? Maybe Angelina Jolie? Maybe not?

    Either way – how bizarre is this shit?

  • Rick-Taylor

    So, who are gonna play Abbott and Costello?

  • Necro

    Cool I’m glad you’re enjoying ‘The Strain’! I had a pretty good feeling that you’d like it, so you’re welcome! Yeah you’re right there no show is perfect and I get where you’re coming from when you said about them acting like it’s business as usual and everything went to shit. My biggest gripe is with that punk-ass kid ‘Zach’ especially during the second half of season two and pretty much all of season three. Once you finish season three you’ll see what I’m talking about with him (no spoilers). Other than that it really is a good Horror tv show. I’m glad you like it. Once you’ve seen ‘Parasomnia’ let me know what you think. And more importantly when you finish the third season of ‘The Strain’ I’m really interested in hearing your opinion.

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