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Kevin Bacon Explains the Appeal of a ‘Tremors’ Return

A few years back it was reported that Kevin Bacon, who played “Valentine McKee” in Ron Underwood’s 1990 classic Tremors, would be acting as executive producer and would also be starring in a “Tremors’ series. In the film, natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one.

While he told fans during a reddit AMA session “we are working on that!” Digital Spy got some more information, including the reason why he’s drawn to the character.

“We’re still chipping away at that! I can honestly say it’s not dead yet,” he told the site.

He continued: “Someone asked me once, ‘Are there any characters you’ve ever played where you’d be interested in revisiting?’, and that’s really the only one. And I’ve had a lot of characters. The thing is, to me what’s interesting about that guy, is that he was doing nothing, working as a handyman.

“And then because of this extraordinary circumstance, he gets to become a hero! So, what happens after you’ve become an accidental hero? 25 years later. And that’s the thing we want to explore in this series.”

But what are the chances of past characters like Earl (Fred Ward) and Burt (Michael Gross) making a comeback?

“I don’t know, that kinda remains to be seen!”

Meanwhile, a sixth Tremors film is coming to VOD January 30, 2018, via Universal Home Entertainment. Franchise star Michael “Burt Gummer” Gross is returning once again, which could mean we could see him make an appearance in the series, assuming it ever gets off the ground. Being that we’re entering the streaming age of entertainment, it seems like a no-brainer to bring Bacon back for a long-form storyline on an Amazon, Netflix or Hulu.



  • Vesuvian Villain

    Bacon is about 25 years too late. He looks creepy as hell these days. Maybe if he grows a ragged ass beard he won’t look fresh off To Catch a Predator. Meanwhile, Fred Ward always looked old so he hasn’t seemed to age at all. Michael Gross has been dry humping the series for almost 3 decades. He might not want Bacon back at this point.

    • Forca84

      The first few movies were fun. But after awhile they became goofy as hell. “Bloodlines”I wasnt really crazy about. Not really keen on a series.

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