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Rings Giveaway – Win a Ghost Hunting Experience PLUS a Smart TV and 4K Blu Ray Player

The legend of Samara takes a chilling turn in the new chapter of the hit Ring franchise, Rings (read our review). The Rings Blu-ray Combo Pack “features over 45 minutes of terrifying bonus content including deleted and extended scenes and a nail-biting alternate ending.” Plus, go behind-the-scenes with interviews with the cast and crew as they discuss the new chapter in the iconic Ring franchise.

To celebrate the UK release of Rings on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital on May 29th we’re giving you a chance of winning a pair of tickets to a ghost hunting experience with Dusk Till Dawn Events PLUS a 24” Smart TV and 4K Blu-Ray player as the first part of a ‘Clip Scavenger Hunt.’ Simply watch the following clip and answer the question below:

  1. How many appliances does it take to create Samara?

Did you get it? Keep a hold of your answer and head over to the Rings Facebook page for further details on the next clue / how to submit your full entry! Please note you need all 3 answers in order to enter.

Rings is available in the UK on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital from Monday May29th 



  • Grimphantom
  • Munchie

    Wow, a 24 inch TV? They’re sparing no expense in this contest.

  • ScriptGiverrrr

    Rings isn’t the reason Friday was shelved. It was just the excuse.

  • ScriptGiverrrr

    You weren’t wrong! Just misled!

  • peachpa

    There isn’t a recent post/any information for this giveaway on the facebook page?

    • NixEclips

      Bloody is the only place that mentions this particular contest. The video clip is hosted on BD’s youtube page. It’s really weird to not find any other info.

  • diapers

    Errrr, took me fave agonizing sittings to get through rings. Wow. Even though I basically despise Rings, I’m still a sucker for free stuff, but…. a 24″ TV? That would look GREAT next to my three 24″ work monitors I was given in 2006 and are now in the closet, hahaha!

  • thegreatiandi

    This movie… just…Wow. So bad…

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