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The ‘Nightbreed’ Cabal Cut is Finally Coming to Blu-ray!

Looks like the “Occupy Midian” efforts have finally paid off.

Fans of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed jumped all over Scream Factory’s recent Director’s Cut Blu-ray release, but even that wasn’t the most complete version of the film. That honor belongs to the infamous “Cabal Cut,” which went on a limited theatrical tour a few years back but has to date never been made available on home video.

That soon changes.

Clive Barker Cast reports today that the Nightbreed Cabal Cut will soon be available on limited edition Blu-ray, rebuilt by Seraphim using the best quality footage available!

Remember the graininess and the terrible muddy quality of the VHS workprints? That’s been cleared out a LOT, although for some segments they still used it; but there’s no other choice for those segments that weren’t found in the warehouse boxes for the Shout! Factory edition,” notes the site.

They add, “12 minutes of VHS footage remain on a 145 minute Cabal Cut. Stuff you’ve never seen anywhere else, folks.”

The Region Free release will include a commentary track by Cabal Cut editors Russell Cherrington and Jimmi Johnson, as well as one with Barker Cast’s Ryan Danhauser and Jose Leitao. It will also feature a video intro by Seraphim’s Mark Miller, along with a limited postcard set and a Dr. Decker enamel pin.

Check out a sneak peek of the cover art below!



  • Damn! While this certainly doesn’t sound like something I need, I’m afraid the “want” is severe.

    • Necro

      HaHa! Very true

    • Matt

      I require the most complete versions in my collection, even if another cut is better.

      • Yeah, I have no doubt I’ll grab it. Plus, that cover is gorgeous.

  • Kyle Cole


    • Necro


  • Necro

    Now here’s a new figure line I’d like to see NECA be able to distribute! Whatever they gotta do.

  • Jack Derwent

    This should have been on the 3-disc edition from Scream but at least it’s out there.

  • sliceanddice

    wtf, i thought i had this on blue ray… i am an idiot/

    • Hack Snyder

      There are three cuts of the film; the theatrical cut, the director’s cut, and the cabal cut. The theatrical cut and director’s cut have been on blu-ray for years, the cabal cut hasn’t ever been released on blu-ray.

      • sliceanddice

        just checked, i have it on dvd.

  • zombie84_41

    Holy fuck its great to be alive

  • Adam Clifton

    Region-Free you say? I like the sound of that. I want a copy

  • Ugottabekiddingme

    This will be a nice upgrade on the Doc Sapirstein fan edit that runs 133 mins

    • art123guy

      THANKS for the link! Never heard of the site and see a bunch of stuff I’d like to get.

      • Ugottabekiddingme

        He has some great fan edits! The Phantasm one is pretty cool also!

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