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Potential ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Casting is Not For You

We reported back in December that Warner Bros. Pictures is moving forward with a new incarnation of Little Shop of Horrors, with Greg Berlanti set to direct and Matthew Robinson writing the script.

This one will also be a musical, a fresh version of the 30-year old Frank Oz-directed film that starred Rick Moranis as a clumsy young man who raises a plant, discovering it is carnivorous and kills to keep it fed. That remake, also starring Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, and Steven Martin, was based on the Roger Corman-directed 1960 low budget sci-fi campy tale.

Being that it’s going to be a musical, I think it’s safe to assume this one isn’t for the majority of Bloody Disgusting readers. The casting rumors won’t help either. The studio is circling  Josh Gad and Rebel Wilson to lead the film in the roles of Seymour and Audrey, roles played in the 1986 film by Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene, respectively, says ThatHashtagShow. The site adds that the duo are “interested” although there are no commitments.

I’m actually quite a huge fan of Gad, who was part of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Book of Mormon” before starring in Disney’s Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.  Wilson is also a nice choice for a revival, especially being that she’s starred in all of the Pitch Perfect films.

The bummer is that it’s pretty clear they aren’t targeting genre fans but at least we can keep our expectations in check if they were to move in this direction. Watch for official news as it breaks.

Little Shop of Horrors



  • MpB

    Woah now… Don’t start stereotyping the BD readers. I love that 1986 version.

    • Justin McGill

      i think he meant to imply that the actors they’ve chosen aren’t really known for horror/genre roles.. but then again.. all Moranis had really done up until the film (movie was) was Strange Brew and Ghostbusters.. so that’s not really saying much.. it was a HORROR COMEDY.. which both Gad and Wilson have done.. They aren’t who I’d see in the roles.. but both are known for their singing ability.

      • oh_riginal

        Ghostbusters does have plenty elements of horror in it. Let’s not undersell how horror-esque that first film was. The rest of the franchise? Yeah, we can write that off.

    • Tan Shearer

      I don’t think very many musicals want fat sweaty bald dudes to take the roles xD

      • Sarah Carey

        Josh Gad became a HUGE star in the OBC of Book of Mormon.

  • SydSilver

    A remake of Little Shop of Horrors with Rebel Wilson and Josh Gad, sounds great!
    I also hope they include Now (it’s just the gas), which is probably my favourite (and the most horrifying) song from the musical (sadly omitted from the 1986 musical movie).

  • Steven Martin?

  • James

    Yeah this sounds awful

  • Sarah Carey

    Not in love with the casting, but Little Shop of Horrors has ALWAYS been a musical. The 1986 film was a musical based on the off-broadway musical that also starred Ellen Greene. There are songs in every scene; that’s a musical. I also know PLENTY of horror fans that like musicals. There’s also quite a few horror ones; Little Shop, Evil Dead, Carrie, Rocky Horror, Sweeney Todd, Toxic Avenger (even though that can also screw comic book), just to name a few.

    • oh_riginal

      It was a 1960 non-musical film first.

      • Sarah Carey

        OH wow, staring Jack Nicholson! How cool. So it was a movie, with an off-broadway musical based off of it, that because a 1980s musical movie, that now wants to remake the musical movie. Just like the other movie turn musical horror movies I listed.

        But, my point of not lumping horror fans into non-musical love people still stands.

    • Gabe

      Not true. But the musical is great.

  • Chris Napier

    I would give praise to He Who Walks Behind The Rows to see a Wilson/McCarthy kumite. Over-rated obese wastes. And let me tell you how I really feel..

  • Gabe

    I’m sorry, if you can’t admit that both the original horror film and musical versions of Little Shop are worthy of remaking, then you can’t call yourself a fan of entertainment. They are both excellent representatives of their genres.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Fat shaming!!!

    • HeteroFriendly

      Some people need more shame.

      Especially people who pat themselves on the back for going out of their way to draw criticism of themselves just so that they can play self righteous victim.

      They should be shamed until they die, as an act of altruism.
      To help them out by giving them something real to actually play victim about.

      If youre so ashamed of being fat then lose some weight dipisht.
      That a problem between you and you, not everybody else.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Or we could just cut the entire issue short and just say that another brain dead politically corrected hollywood remake might not be for anybody with any respect for themselves.

  • Sykes

    The ’86 version is great. If this one stars Gad and Wilson, there’s very little chance I’ll ever watch it. Her I can stand somewhat, him I cannot.

  • Jeff Phillips

    He was ok in B&B but I find his screen work lacking, probably works well on stage. Rebel, I can see it but not sure if she has the right vocal range

  • Necro

    Loved this! Only musical I like, Steve Martin had me scared shitless of the dentist when I was a kid. I watched this every other weekend for two years straight. I would go to my dad’s and my step sister (at the time) and I would sit and watch this and ‘Labyrinth’ back to back at the very least once.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      You don’t like Rocky Horror or Cannibal The Musical? Shameful…

      • Necro

        Shameful? So you’re asking me a question and making an assumption without giving me an opportunity to answer.

  • Synisterintent

    Nothing is sacred any more… I weep.

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