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Max Landis Halfway Done Writing His ‘An American Werewolf in London’ Remake

Like it or not, they’re going to eventually remake John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London. As Bloody Disgusting exclusively reported, his son Max is both writing and directing said reboot that’s been in the works for quite some time. Max is a solid writer who is deep into several projects, which is probably why he’s yet to complete the screenplay for his interpretation of his father’s creation.

“I’m gonna write it and I think I’m gonna direct it,” Landis told IMDb. “I like the script I wrote, you know? I’m halfway through it right now, I hope it turns out great.” While he hopes for the best, he understands he has a huge target on his back and therefore promises nothing: “I promise you nothing,” he added while pointing directly into the camera. “My new gimmick as a public figure is, I promise you nothing!”

There’s also the juicy notion that John wasn’t all too happy about the news but the video’s real value is how Kevin “Dad” Smith believes this remake has already happened and been released…



  • Vinnie Vincent’s Dead Dog

    It’s almost like Hollywood doesn’t have an original thought left. Just reboot and remake everything!

    • Necro

      For the most part I agree with you. There are some films that could use an update, but most of the ones I mean weren’t ‘classics’ or even ‘cult classics’. Most of them in fact probably weren’t even heard of by most people unless they’re hardcore fans. I think the ‘generational’ excuse bothers me the most as to why they do it.

    • Problem is that there are tons and tons of movies going wide every weekend (not here in Italy but i follow american box office) which are outright originals, or new to cinema properties, but people keep ignoring them in favor of the more conventional blockbusters.
      Moviegoers should put their money where’s their mouth.

  • Grimphantom

    Not to offend Landis but his kid looks like a goofball…..
    Yeah, not much hype into this since we all know how it will end up with CGI, actors making the characters bland and boring and Max Landis not having much experience as a director even tho his dad is a legendary filmmaker, he might end up like Alex Kurtzman with The Mummy.

  • The chicken man

    I am uncomfortable with this, because of my intense love for the original. However, some remakes are legitimately great horror movies, so I’ll watch it.

  • I’d much rather they ditched this in favour of making the oft. rumoured prequel “An American Werewolf”. That or ignore the hot mess that was ‘Paris’ and make a decent follow up instead.

    • Eric Detente

      How would a prequel be called an American werewolf ?

      • Simple: The call it “An American Werewolf”.

        • Daniel Knight

          No I think Eric means, why would the prequel be called “An American Werewolf”? The first wolf was on the moors in the UK. Is the idea that, that wolf was also an american lost on the moors who then transformed? Bit random.

          • I don’t believe the plan was to have it set in the UK… why is that a hard concept to struggle with? I think the plan was to have it take place in the USA and then at the end link the movies together by having a British man or woman bitten at the end of that movie who then happens to return home to England. I think it’s suggestive in the first movie that the werewolf on the moors has been around quite some time, so it wouldn’t necessarily even be set in the same time period.

          • Paul Edwards

            Nah. Werewolf is Northern English and I guess these guys do not do much travelling……Here is a snippet of the official prequel, according to the radio play……

          • What do you mean Werewolf is Northern English? Do you mean the word? If so it is not derived from English at all.

            Again, no reason at all it has to be set in the UK.

  • David Hutchison

    All I can do is shrug. This just doesn’t interest me in any way at this point. Hopefully, as things progress, they’ll have something more to grab my attention besides the fact that it’s being made by John Landis’ son.

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    I’m not saying that it can’t be pulled off, but what i am saying is that his kid seems like an doofus and I am not confident HE can pull it off

  • NO ONE CARES. Fuck you, Max Landis.

  • Kid is a product of growing up in life far removed from reality. If it wasn’t for his last name he’d have no career.

  • I hope he writes better than he talks, just sayin’. Though, I don’t particularly care for Max Landis either. A bias instilled by my ex, probably. *shrug*

  • Mark

    jesus what a irritating cunt lol

  • Chip

    Well…his works not terrible. Not amazing either. So I reserve judgement till I at least get my hands on a script.

  • Glenn McKee

    He needs to do a Prequel/back story. A re-make of a modern movie that can not be improved on is superfluous. Can you imagine someone trying a Jaws re-make, you would think and feel the same!

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