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‘Ruin Me’ Trailer Sets the Stage for the Ultimate Horror Movie Experience

I don’t really like horror movies.

Yet you’re here at the ultimate horror movie experience.

Marcienne Dwyer (Bad Girls), Matt Dellapina (Dirty 30), Chris Hill (The Dark Knight) and Eva Hamilton (BFF) are part of six strangers who sign up for a slasher movie re-enactment game in which they are dropped into the woods and pursued by a knife wielding maniac. But when the body count becomes real, Alexandra, the only participant who has never seen a horror film, must unravel the mystery of who is responsible if she wants to survive the ordeal.

Ruin Me will receive its World premiere at FrightFest this month in the UK.

Jinga Films has shared a brand new image to go along with the film’s official festival trailer.




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