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‘The Crucifixion’ Poster Just Hanging Around

One of my all-time favorite film festival experiences was seeing Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s) twice at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie was a blast from the past, an action-packed gore-fest that was inspired by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Gens, who also helmed The Divide, is returning to horror with the thriller The Crucifixion, which was penned by The Conjuring writers Chad and Carey Hayes. It will be releasing in theaters and On Demand platforms October 6, 2017, through Lionsgate.

Inspired by true events, “When a priest is jailed for the murder of a nun on whom he was performing an exorcism, an investigative journalist strives to determine whether he in fact murdered a mentally ill person, or if he lost the battle with a demonic presence.” Sophie Cookson (Kingsman) stars with Brittany Ashworth.

The film premiered at last October’s Screamfest Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Peter Safran (Annabelle, The Conjuring) and the Hayes brothers produced The Crucifixion, with Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, D.J. Gugenheim and Ara Keshishian executive producing.




  • Blood Boil

    Wow! What a truly original concept! I don’t think we have scene this kind of demon possession movie before! Please keep them coming! Xavier Gens what the fuck are you doing?

  • Geno1987

    I am so sick of movie posters for horror movies looking so generic and stock. You want people to come see your crap? Give ’em something shocking. Howabout a poster of a priest nailed upside down to a cross with demonic hands bursting out of him, with chunky gore dripping down to make the name titles.

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