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Sony Targets Spike Lee for ‘Nightwatch’ Adaptation?

On the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press, host and EIC of Tracking-Board Jeff Sneider shared the following rumor of the status of a Nightwatch film, reports ScreenRant. According to this rumor which Sneider classifies as being “very confident” in, Edward Ricourt (Now You See Me) is currently writing a script for this standalone film. With the movie looking to be in development, Sneider also shared a rumor he has not had confirmed that Sony has their eyes on Spike Lee to direct.

Wiki notes that most of Nightwatch’s appearances came in the 1990s in various titles starring Spider-Man and in his own short lived self-titled series. One of his more prominent roles was in the “Maximum Carnage” crossover, which is interesting being that Sony’s first Spider-Man spinoff with be Venom, starring Tom Hardy and possibly Riz Ahmed, and will feature Carnage as the antagonist.

Via Wiki:

“Nightwatch was Doctor Kevin Trench, who witnessed a costumed man die battling some terrorists armed with invisibility-generating ‘cloaking” devices, and unmasked the corpse to learn that it was an older version of himself. His first appearance was in Web of Spider-Man #99…”

“Nightwatch’s costume boosted his strength and durability by triggering his adrenal glands, and nanotechnologically repaired itself. His cape responded to his subconscious thoughts to move on its own to attack his foes as well as allowing him to glide on air. After he was boosted by the later-generation Morelle technology, the durability of the costume increased, the cape became more metallic, and he had something closer to true flight in addition to increased speed and eventually nanotech cutting blades.



  • Black Panther

    I think a superhero movie directed by Spike Lee would be awesome. He really got the social commentary part right in all his work and with The Inside Man has proven that he can direct big Hollywood movies.

    • Totally. This is as exciting as Coats writing Blank Panther!

  • John

    If I were Todd Mcfarlane I might think this guy looks a bit familiar.

    • Saturn

      Surely you’re not implying that Marvel have a habit of – ahem – borrowing ideas from other comic books?

      • John

        Oh not at all….

        • Saturn

          Didn’t think so……

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    Did they confuse his name with Stan Lee?

    • Stan Lee doesn’t direct major tentpole films.

      • Evan3

        Neither does Spike Lee…

        • Spike Lee is primarily a film director. Stan Lee isn’t. Also, experienced directors like Spike Lee getting their big break in making a blockbuster isn’t uncommon. The Russo Brothers with Captain America, Garreth Edwards with Star Wars: Rogue One, ETC.

  • Chainsaw

    Spawn much?

  • Funny how Sony is developing this just as Todd McFarlane is moving forward with his Spawn movie. I liked three out of five of the pre-MCU Spider-Man films, but a lot of these spin-offs are just stupid ideas.

    A Spawn rip-off. A Sinister Six movie without Spider-Man. A movie specifically devoted to Mysterio. An Aunt May movie (which takes the cake). I can understand making films based on Venom, Black Cat/Silver Sable, and even Kraven the Hunter, but the rest just need to be cancelled.

    • Big Boss Rogers

      Aunt May movie? Don’t remember hearing bout that one.

      • Yeah. It started off as a report. Then when fans scoffed at it, Sony told ComicBookResources that the report was “ridiculous”. Then the leaked emails from Sony (which pretty much killed The Amazing Spider-Man series) confirmed that they actually did have an Aunt May movie on the table.

        This was back when Marvel’s Agent Carter was on the air. Much like the “coincidental” timing between the Spawn movie and Nightwatch, the Aunt May film was apparently going to be her as a secret agent. The whole thing was stupid and, thankfully, has a slim chance of happening at this point.

        • Big Boss Rogers

          That’s a damn shame! Their really reaching with shot nowadays! We could all careless about Aunt May! I’m pissed how the did Inhumans! Those old heads at Marvel need to be fired!!!

  • Joe Smith

    Boo. Now this movie will be all about race.

  • No Nose Nosferatu

    Spike Lee is an overrated, egotistical hack and a self righteous asshole.

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