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Clip from ‘Motorrad’ Chased Down By Bikers

Here’s a new clip from Vicente Amorim’s Brazilian horror/thriller Motorrad, which had its World Premiere in the Contemporary World Cinema section at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival last night.

In the film, a gang of young dirt-bikers on a ride across an isolated region of Brazil find themselves being hunted by a machete-wielding band of motorcyclists intent on killing them all.

Motorrad is produced by LG Tubaldini Jr and André Skaf, and stars Guilherme Prates, Carla Salle, Emilio Dantas and Juliana Lohmann. It was written by LG Bayao, based on characters created by comic book author, and Marvel staffer, Danilo Beyruth.

WTFilms’ team of Gregory Chambet and Dimitri Stephanides will handle all sales for the film on the ground in Toronto. Motorrad was filmed on location in Brazil.



  • turk

    At the 1:19 mark, you can clearly see a second man on the back of the bike.

    • J Jett

      you’re right! LOL. good catch! i thought the teaser (lasting 17 seconds) looked promising but this clip is not very good. everything from the stunt work/the blocking/etc. looks completely amateur-ish. the shot of the guy going over the cliff(?…it’s barely a cliff) looks hilariously bad.

      • turk

        Yeah, when I saw the images and read the summary I thought it sounded interesting. But this teaser looks like someone shot this on their phone with their local dirt bike club. Not impressed. And like you pointed out, that slow motion shot of the guy going over a “cliff” was laughable. It was like 6′ tall.

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