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‘Deadpool’s’ Tim Miller Confirmed as ‘Terminator 6’ Director!

Next Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Paramount Pictures is hosting a special screening of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 3D that kicks off with  James Cameron and Tim Miller discussing their collaboration on the upcoming Terminator 6.

The announcement for the event confirms that Deadpool‘s Miller is, in fact, directing the next installment that’s being overseen by franchise creator Cameron. A huge announcement has been teased for months so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any sort of official news that comes from the special presentation hosted by The Hollywood Reporter’s Matt Belloni.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is confirmed to return and Cameron intends to explain why the Terminator looks like the franchise star. He also plans to “reinvent” the franchise with this new trilogy.

Filming is allegedly scheduled to begin as early as March 2018.



  • oh_riginal

    I posted this on another site. Copied it for here as well, as I find it interesting to share.

    I heard a theory once, and I’ve always wanted to see it somehow portrayed in the story….

    Basically, it suggests that the John Connor we know is not the savior of mankind as we’ve been lead to believe since Kyle Reese’s description in part 1.

    The reason why this is? Well, John Connor was once born, grew up, survived Judgement Day, then defeated Skynet, only to have to send a soldier back in time to save his mother when Skynet came up with a backup plan to have a Terminator assassinate her to wipe his existence out.

    Okay, we all know this already. I hear you. But the twist would be this: Sarah Connor had gotten pregnant with a baby boy, eventually to be named John Connor. Who is the father? Sure, you might say Kyle Reese, but that creates a time paradox that simply cannot be explained. Or can it?

    The basis of the theory I heard once (no idea where at this point), is that Kyle Reese is NOT the father of the man who saved humanity in the future. Yes, John Connor sent him back in time, but when that happened, Kyle Reese took it upon himself to proclaim his love for Sarah, then conceived a son with her… but originally it wasn’t him who did this!

    A different, unnamed man was originally the father. He got her pregnant, probably died on Judgement Day, and that was that. But when Kyle Reese came back, he “intercepted” and got Sarah pregnant himself, creating an entirely different baby boy, only named John Connor because that’s what Kyle told Sarah that was her baby’s name.

    So this alternate timeline John Connor ends up living his entire life trying to live up to the legend of a John Connor that now no longer exists. He is literally NOT the same person that Kyle told Sarah about.

    I think this is an awesome theory, but it might be hard to explain this in a film without a ton of exposition that grinds the film to a halt.

    So, with that in mind, if this idea were not to be used, all I really want to see is an entire film about Kyle Reese doing a “men-on-a-mission” story to defeat Skynet once and for all, ending with the T-800 being sent back in time, with Kyle having to follow him. Basically, the beginning of Terminator: Genisys, expanded to an entire movie, but WAY better.

    • Inferus

      If he’s not ‘John Connor’ then he won’t lead the Resistance, won’t defeat Skynet, and won’t send Reese back. That is an actual paradox.

  • pablitonizer

    Seriously, despite my deep love for T and T2 this franchise is dead and public is no longer interested. The last entries were a complete shit tbh. And now they’re trying to attrack public through the Cameron name on it. Let the terminator rest in peace, once and for all and focus on a new franchise, please!

  • Munchie


  • Vader the White

    Please, as a fan of Terminator, just stop. No more.

    • theundead

      When it comes out don’t watch it

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    It will suck as much of 5.

  • For the love of god, let it die already. Each entry has been worse.

    • theundead

      Why are you on here?

  • Yann Louis


  • Matty Ice 2016


  • MulderIsBack

    I am open to this. Still think salvation was a cool film and they should have continued with that storyline.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Paramount? That’s an interesting development. Guess they still want in.

  • Runciter

    I thought Cameron was gonna direct these.
    Well. I’m unsure about this now.

  • Themoviedude

    Well he hated how shitty Genisys turned out (didn’t we all) so it made him want to save the franchise and hopefully bring it back around. I’m gonna be honest I was super stoked when I heard Cameron was directing, so now that it’s confirmed he isn’t directing I’m a bit more bummed but I’m still hopeful..I think?

    • theundead

      Genisys wasn’t even horrible always gotta hate and complain over a movie everyone else too

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      Considering he’s directing the 4 Avatar sequels for the next 10 years, he can’t be available for T6

    • Andrew Modeen

      James Cameron was NEVER on board to direct.

  • MulderIsBack

    How would people here reinvent the terminator franchise…i for one would take arnold from the equation because that robot is obsolete. Its a new generation. Then id take away the action blockbuster formula T2 created and return to the gritty noir style of the original, blending thriller horror and scifi elements. Keep the gore of course. Take away the john connor story and expand the universe a bit.

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Been having similar thoughts.
      Perhaps from a cop’s point of view. A gritty detective story about serial killer (=terminator). Perhaps some decorated detective type dedicating his life to the case, almost going insane but ends up in an asylum for the criminally insane. And they should show that as an ending. Down and dark.

      • MulderIsBack

        Something needs to change. Although genisys attempted something radical (i didnt mind it) it still leant into what made T2 successful and couldnt let that go. The original to me is far superior for its more lowkey elements. It was grounded long before the dark knight took the mantle of that word. Salvation was headed down the roght path until Bale boarded the project altering the script.

        A detective POV sounds pretty neat actually. Chasing down the terminator serial killer, introducing him/her to the world of skynet. Shift the genre a bit.

        • MulderIsBack

          Actually…why not set it in the modern world and have skynet secretly programming humans through media and phones and computers. They control the content and have been enslaving us through our own technology into complacency…they send terminators back in time to work for the corrupt government and media officials to terminate anyone who stands in the way of their agenda.

          Or how about completely throwing everyone off and having the terminators being sent to different ages of the past to influence events leading to their ultimate creation. Yeshua could be a terminator. Lol.

          • Baron Von Marlon

            I’d like it more simple but still similar.
            The serial-terminator kills those who stand in the way of Skynet’s progress in order to advance its arrival. Cyberdyne rivals, politicians,… and people growing up to become those.
            And yeah, maybe he starts working/killing for Cyberdyne’s allies.
            It’ll be explained to the audience, but not to the characters.
            So we’ll get a cop chasing a killer, he links him to Cyberdyne but they don’t know what’s going on either. Perhaps in the end he wants to interfere and gets blamed for the murder(s).

  • MeeGhoulz

    By explaining why the Terminator looks like Arnie they will have him play a human character that likeness was copied by Skynet for some reason. He dodged the hero role in the original for his heavy accent and inexperience as an actor, so 30 years later is just fair that he can play the “hero” too… Btw, I love the SegaCD game (that soundtrack!) ,am I the only one here that played it?

  • bossayed


  • GunsOfNavarone

    Tim Miller is a step in the right direction, but he’s only 1 part of a monumental fuck up that has been going on since 3 came out. They need a good screenwriter, a good casting agent, good actors…

  • marklola12 .

    get rid of arnie for fuck sake

  • BreeBennett

    Great, another reboot. Why not continue after 2 and bring back Linda Hamilton.

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