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Paramount Owns the ‘mother!’ Controversy in This Excellent New Trailer!

OMFG do I love this new television spot that’s running for Paramount Pictures’ mother!, which most definitely is the most divisive and subversive film in years. The trailer confidently boasts, “Some people love it, some people…don’t,” which I guess is easy considering it bombed* at the box office.

Fans annihilated Darren Aronofsky‘s film, which received a dreaded “F” as its CinemaScore, all the while Paramount backed the film up by calling it “audacious and brave.” Our very own Joe Lipsett called it a “bold, fascinating, and divisive experience.”  No matter, I love that the studio is owning this and now going to use it as a marketing tool. Fuck yeah, man, wear it as a badge of honor!

Where do you stand? Talk below.

*It didn’t really bomb, per se, as New Line Cinema’s IT just took so much of the box office that it left nothing else for the other films. Math.




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