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Bruised ‘mother!’ Poster Juxtaposes the Love and Hate for Darren Aronofsky’s Horror Film

Director Darren Aronofsky took to reddit this morning for an impromptu AMA, while also revealing a brand new poster for mother! heading into its second weekend of release. It bombed, mostly because IT took all the money out of the box office and left scraps for everyone else. Audiences also hated it, awarding it with an “F” Cinemascore. And while the film does carry horrific themes, I think Paramount would have done a lot better had they sold mother! to the same religious groups that supported Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. That ship has sailed and now Paramount is trying their best with what’s in front of them, and that’s extreme love and hatred, which is ironically similar to the film’s themes of creation and destruction. While I love the studio owning the hate – starting with this trailer from earlier this week – I really wish they’d share some vicious reviews of the film, as opposed to ones that read negative but are actually positive. The new poster is incredible, but none of the quotes on the right say anything bad about the movie. In fact, they get me all warm and fuzzy inside. No matter, Paramount is having some fun with this and I’m on board, especially because I loved the movie. What do you guys think?



  • le4therfac3

    i just love this movie so much and can’t wait to watch it again and again

  • zombie84_41

    this movie is fuckin brilliant

  • Necro

    Send it! I especially like the one quote “Some people are going to fucking hate this movie!”

  • Charyou

    Yeah, the movie totally bombed just because It stole all the box office dollars, not because it was a shitty, pretentious film.

  • Biscoito18

    I loved every second of this film.

  • Lady Bathory

    I don’t get why people seem to hate this film so much. It’s really clever and beautifully executed. And if you figure out the symbolism and metaphors, you’ll discover important messages, like the fact that we’re guests at “mother earth’s place” and need to behave accordingly (which we’re not doing of course).
    Films are art and do have messages and values they’re meant to convey. For people who don’t see that, there’s always The Bye Bye Man and Baywatch….

  • lupe

    This movie sucked

  • Matt Miller

    I just watched this movie and WTF. I liked it very much but it’s completely weird. It blows my mind that they released it wide because it’s too experimental that obviously a lot of people were going to hate it. I didn’t expect something so unconventional. It’s too heavy but full of symbolisms and really well crafted, you have to see it as an allegory or and experience and it’s really smart. If you go expecting a traditional horror movie you won’t enjoy it.

  • Alex

    Go watch IT instead.

    • Lady Bathory

      Watch both! They’re very different and both great!

      • Alex

        No, go watch “IT” at the theater and wait for “Mother!” on VOD.

        • chuck

          Why wait? Why not see both how they should be seen, in a theater?

  • Maxime C

    I loved it.

  • Barry El Beardo

    It may not be conventional horror but any film that makes me anxious, stressed and sweaty throughout its runtime has done something right.

    You cannot argue that this is a bad film. It comes down to personal taste

  • Jada Maes

    Haven’t seen it, but I feel Aronofsky has gotten artistry and being pretentious all mixed up. Not that that’s news.

  • Colonel Ives

    yeah I agree the quotes on the right should have been from honest negative reviews

  • Jeffy Oak

    Hey isn’t Mother a biblical, adult version of Project X?

  • HeteroFriendly

    I dont really understand how some hollywood liberal movie made by a Christian bashing new yorker and starring that disgusting pervert jennifer lawrence is supposed to appeal to religious groups that supported Passion of The Christ,
    but I haven’t seen it.

    Maybe I missed something that they didn’t mention in the wikipedia article.

    • ooknabah

      So, you should know what you’re talking about before sounding off? Sounds good!

  • Colin Christian

    Great fun,totally batshit at the end,what’s the big deal?

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