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Details on the ‘Suspiria’ 4K UK Tour and Release!

In 1977 Suspiria stunned cinemagoers around the world. Now, forty years later, CultFilms is proud to terrify audiences once again with the dazzling 4K restoration of Dario Argento‘s groundbreaking masterpiece.

Italian horror auteur Dario Argento unleashed the ultimate cult film with his visionary symphony of terror, Suspiria. Ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives at a prestigious dance academy in Freiburg, a school plagued by gruesome and supernatural happenings. Soon students begin to die in horrific circumstances – is Suzy next, and can she uncover the academy’s sinister secret before it’s too late?

Abandoning the black gloves of the Giallo in favor of a witchy brew of magic and murder, Argento carved a Baroque nightmare, saturated with expressive color and punctuated by shocking violence.

Considered the most famous Italian horror film of all time for its vivid, groundbreaking style and jaw-dropping bloodshed, Suspiria now returns for its fortieth anniversary to assault audiences once more.

Fans will have the opportunity to crowd-fund a very special limited edition UHD and Blu-ray dual-format SteelBook of the Suspiria 4K restoration. The crowd-funding campaign will go live on 30 October, just in time for Halloween! This will be a limited numbered edition including a slate of specially-commissioned extras exclusive to this SteelBook release and available nowhere else in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon.

CultFilms will release their 4K restoration of Suspiria in a Blu-ray and DVD dual-format edition with slipcase on 14 November 2017.

Extras will include:

  • Audio Commentary by critics Kim Newman and Alan Jones
  • An interview with Dario Argento and Claudio Simonetti
  • New Extra: The 4K Restoration Process
  • New Extra: Dario Argento Presents his Suspiria
  • New Extra: Dario Argento Introduction

Please note this artwork is currently TBC.

CultFilms presents the Suspiria 4K Tour

CultFilms will orchestrate the ‘Suspiria 4K Tour’, which they are coordinating with several venues across the country. The Suspiria tour will culminate with a very special event in London: an evening with Dario Argento, featuring a Q&A with the maestro himself and a presentation of the restoration. Dates for the tour include but are not limited to:

  • 6 October: BFI London Film Festival (Suspiria 4K premiere)
  • 14 October: Mayhem Film Festival
  • 14 October: BFI London Film Festival
  • 21 October: Celluloid Screams, Sheffield
  • 28 October: Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema
  • 28 October: Regent Street Cinema, London (35mm)
  • 14 November: Barbican, London (with Dario Argento intro and Q&A)
  • 17 – 23 November: Barbican, London

The Restoration:

“I hope that you are ready…” declares Dario Argento in his personalized introduction to the CultFilms release of Suspiria

Argento filmed Suspiria on some of the last of the Eastman 5247 film stock. In order to reach the deep colors he had envisioned, the director struck the original release prints using a very different Technicolor Dye Transfer process which had already become obsolete. Suspiria was the last film to be released following that particular method and all subsequent prints did not adhere to Argento’s original vision, with the look of the film affected dramatically.

The new 4K scan was painstakingly restored by TLE Films in Germany with that crucially distinct color palette reinstated in accordance with Argento’s original Technicolor Dye Transfer specification, using period film materials as reference.

The restorers also reinserted all missing frames which had degraded badly or were simply lost over the years, making this version of Suspiria premiered by CultFilms the most complete and original looking, and finally doing justice to Argento’s vision.



  • Details on the remake???

    • Saturn

      Here we go – it’s not as good.

      Okay, unfair as I haven’t seen it – but Suspiria is my 3rd favourite horror movie of all time, so don’t expect the new one to measure up. Although I hope it does – so I’ll watch it with an open mind and hope it’s decent.

      • Agree

      • Evan3

        And what is number 1 and 2?

        • Saturn

          Here’s my top 10

          01 – The Evil Dead
          02 – The Beyond
          03 – Suspiria
          04 – Cannibal Holocaust
          05 – Ring
          06 – Return Of The Living Dead
          07 – An American Werewolf In London
          08 – The Thing
          09 – Demons
          10 – The Descent

          • Evan3

            Solid list, but where is The Exorcist? The Omen? Halloween? Army of Darkness?

            Also, what is the Beyond?

          • Saturn

            My list isn’t one of those “greatest horror movies of all time lists” – just personal favourites – stuff I’ve seen countless times over the years and can pop on at any time and still enjoy as much as the very first time I saw them – some going back 30 years or more!
            All the movies you mention I love – but I could only fit 10.
            I kinda feel guilty that Dawn Of The Dead isn’t in the list, Nightmare On Elm St, The Burning and many others. Perhaps I’ll save them for a top 50 list at some other stage!

            The Beyond is what many consider to be Lucio Fulci’s “masterpiece” – it’s kinda incoherent, but gloriously so!
            As is typical of many Italian horror films, it’s less about plot, more about a dreamlike quality.

            Basically it’s about a woman who inherits an old hotel, where years earlier a man accused of being a Warlock is brutally murdered, and those who killed him disappear mysteriously.
            Now, strange things are happening at the hotel – a doorway has been opened…..a doorway to HELL!

            If you enjoy the other movies on my list then check out The Beyond.
            It’s absolutely brilliant. Ish.

            What’s your top 10 favourites?

          • Evan3

            I looked at my movie list and saw I had The Beyond listed four times. So…. I guess I should see it. I absolutely loved Zombi(2), but had no idea where to go from there. Didn’t care much for Suspiria (though I appreciate it more with your dream explanation) and I enjoyed Cannibal Ferox and Alice, Sweet Alice (Italian? Feels like a giallo) enough. ALso saw Black Sunday for the first time this year and loved the atmosphere (and Barbara Steele… between, her, Crampton, and NOTLD… I’m regretting not naming my daughter Barbara).

            I just gave the Descent to a co-worker to watch. It really is so great.

            I understand and appreciate the difference between favorties and “greats,” but I just feel Exorcist should typically qualify as both. I await your top-50.

            My top-10? Tough…. Real Tough.

            1) The Omen (original… please)
            2) The Exorcist
            3) The Thing
            4) King Kong (original… please)
            5) Nosferatu (silent film)
            6) The Descent
            7) The Ring (remake… please)
            8) Evil Dead 2
            9) Psycho
            10) Poltergeist

            Ugh. Feel so guilty leaving Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead and AOD, Children of the Corn, Freddy vs. Jason, Martyrs, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Rear Window (does that count?), The Babadook, Scream 2, Drag Me to Hell, Slither, Rec, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dracula 2000, Hellraiser, American Werewolf in London, Let Me In, and Night of the Living Dead off my list (though Romero is used to that sort of treatment).

          • Saturn

            In regards to SUSPIRIA it seems that a lot of people don’t really rate it too highly initially, as they go in hearing how legendary it is, but often they feel a little “meh” about it – I know I did on the first viewing.
            But, after around 3 viewings of it it “clicked” for me – now I love it – seems to be a similar thing with a lot of it’s fans, so perhaps it’s worth checking out again at some stage.

            In regards to Fulci the best place to start with his work (after Zombie) would be THE BEYOND/CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD/HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY – but expect to be left a little “wtf?” in places. Remember, they’re Italian, so dreamlike quality is an excuse, um, I mean, a reason for them…
            I personally consider The Beyond and City as co-existing in the same universe, as both deal with gateways to Hell being opened – it’s easy to believe that both movies are happening at the same time.
            With Zombie, they are his other major zombie movies – but each have their own unique twist on the genre.

            Following those gems I’d recommend ZOMBI 3 – which started off as a direct sequel to ZOMBI 2(aka Zombie) but due to ill health was taken over by Bruno Mattei who turned it into something….else.. For those of us who love it, we LOVE it.
            Then of course there is the extremely mean spirited THE YORK RIPPER, and his excellent giallo DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING.
            They’re what I, and most Fulci fans, consider his more important pieces – start with them and see how you get on. Then perhaps it’s time for A WOMAN IN A LIZARD’S SKIN (another giallo), THE BLACK CAT, MANHATTAN BABY, A CAT IN THE BRAIN.

            If you enjoyed CANNIBAL FEROX then do yourself a favour and track down CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST – the undisputed KING of the cannibal genre, and a major precursor to the “found footage” movie.
            The director of which (Ruggero Deodato) also made a similar movie a few years earlier, JUNGLE HOLOCAUST, which is also worthy of a watch, alongside his other classics CUT AND RUN, BODYCOUNT (one of my favourite slasher movies) and THE WASHING MACHINE.
            CANNIBAL FEROX’ director Umberto Lenzi (who sadly died recently RIP) is considered the father of the Cannibal movie, who also directed 2 others in the genre :EATEN ALIVE! (not to be confused with the Tobe Hooper movie of the same name) and, the first, MAN FROM DEEP RIVER (aka DEEP RIVER SAVAGES) – make sure they’re the uncut versions. Sadly they have real life animal killings in them, which is shitty to say the least.

            In regards to Mario Bava – BLACK SUNDAY is a decent place to start, but I believe that the US release of the movie is a slightly different cut of the real movie, which goes under the title of THE MASK OF SATAN. I could be wrong, recent releases of Black Sunday may be the Mask Of Satan cut of the movie – I don’t know for certain as I don’t have the US release – so could be worth looking into. Other essential Mario Bava movies : A BAY OF BLOOD (aka Twitch Of The Death Nerve) – a major inspiration to the F13th series (again, make sure you get an uncut release, as I’m not sure whether the US release of Twitch is fully uncut or not), BARON BLOOD, PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES and of course BLACK SABBATH.
            Of course Bava has many more great movies, but if you’re new to his work then I’d recommend those as it’s a pretty wide spread of this movies, which I feel are the best ones to start off with.

            In regards to your top 10?
            Some great stuff there – and now you know how difficult it is to narrow it down to just 10! 🙂

          • Evan3

            Damn man, do you work for Criterion or something? Was this pre-written? Impressive response. I’d be even more impressed if you could list 500 movies you like… let alone, horror movies! Thanks for the recommendations.

            Also, need to honorable mention Fallen. Damned good horror film.

          • Saturn

            Yup, Fallen is decent – I personally enjoy watching it as a double bill with Frailty (which if you haven’t seen it I HEARTILY recommend, alongside SESSION 9, which I find also works as a good double bill with Frailty – in fact they’d make a good triple bill) from time to time.

            In regards to your questions : No, No, Thank You.

            I still haven’t found the time to list my top 100 (work commitments n’ all that) but shall get around to it at some stage – watch this space!

            Could I list 500 movies I like, in just the horror genre?
            Yes, if I put my mind to it – would they all be as good as JC’s The Thing? No. But they’d still be movies that I’d suggest to other horror fans to check out, which I’d suspect that there would be more hits than misses. Well, I’d like to believe so anyway.

            Personally I’ve been watching horror movies since the age of 4 (my mum thought I’d grow out of it – yeah right!) I’m now 43, so almost 40 years of horror under my belt, so a lot of movies in that time.
            I’d not even be able to estimate how many I’ve seen in that time, but easily into the thousands – some good, some bad, some with guns.

            I hope you get on with the reccomendations I gave you.
            I did notice a typo in my last response though, which I have now altered – it’s THE NEW YORK RIPPER, and not THE YORK RIPPER. Not sure how they slipped by me, but it’s been edited now, so..

          • Evan3

            Ugh… and how could I forget The Blob (remake), Blair Witch Project, and The Wicker Man. It’s just too hard to make a top-10.

  • Travis_Bickle

    I will make all the sex on this!!

  • Clyde Gentry III

    Great news for UK fans, but for USA fans — Synapse is putting out the Steelbook and they have worked for well over a year on the 4K restoration. After what they did for Demons and Demons 2, along with Tenebrae, this will be the version to get. Not knocking the UK release, etc., but the Synapse steel book is on sale now and has tons of extras.

    • oh_riginal

      Already got mine pre-ordered. Wish it was coming out this month though. October is always the best month to watch horror films!

  • James Allard

    Nuts. I was hoping for the dates it was showing in Chicago.

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