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Details on the ‘Suspiria’ 4K UK Tour and Release!

In 1977 Suspiria stunned cinemagoers around the world. Now, forty years later, CultFilms is proud to terrify audiences once again with the dazzling 4K restoration of Dario Argento‘s groundbreaking masterpiece.

Italian horror auteur Dario Argento unleashed the ultimate cult film with his visionary symphony of terror, Suspiria. Ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives at a prestigious dance academy in Freiburg, a school plagued by gruesome and supernatural happenings. Soon students begin to die in horrific circumstances – is Suzy next, and can she uncover the academy’s sinister secret before it’s too late?

Abandoning the black gloves of the Giallo in favor of a witchy brew of magic and murder, Argento carved a Baroque nightmare, saturated with expressive color and punctuated by shocking violence.

Considered the most famous Italian horror film of all time for its vivid, groundbreaking style and jaw-dropping bloodshed, Suspiria now returns for its fortieth anniversary to assault audiences once more.

Fans will have the opportunity to crowd-fund a very special limited edition UHD and Blu-ray dual-format SteelBook of the Suspiria 4K restoration. The crowd-funding campaign will go live on 30 October, just in time for Halloween! This will be a limited numbered edition including a slate of specially-commissioned extras exclusive to this SteelBook release and available nowhere else in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon.

CultFilms will release their 4K restoration of Suspiria in a Blu-ray and DVD dual-format edition with slipcase on 14 November 2017.

Extras will include:

  • Audio Commentary by critics Kim Newman and Alan Jones
  • An interview with Dario Argento and Claudio Simonetti
  • New Extra: The 4K Restoration Process
  • New Extra: Dario Argento Presents his Suspiria
  • New Extra: Dario Argento Introduction

Please note this artwork is currently TBC.

CultFilms presents the Suspiria 4K Tour

CultFilms will orchestrate the ‘Suspiria 4K Tour’, which they are coordinating with several venues across the country. The Suspiria tour will culminate with a very special event in London: an evening with Dario Argento, featuring a Q&A with the maestro himself and a presentation of the restoration. Dates for the tour include but are not limited to:

  • 6 October: BFI London Film Festival (Suspiria 4K premiere)
  • 14 October: Mayhem Film Festival
  • 14 October: BFI London Film Festival
  • 21 October: Celluloid Screams, Sheffield
  • 28 October: Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema
  • 28 October: Regent Street Cinema, London (35mm)
  • 14 November: Barbican, London (with Dario Argento intro and Q&A)
  • 17 – 23 November: Barbican, London

The Restoration:

“I hope that you are ready…” declares Dario Argento in his personalized introduction to the CultFilms release of Suspiria

Argento filmed Suspiria on some of the last of the Eastman 5247 film stock. In order to reach the deep colors he had envisioned, the director struck the original release prints using a very different Technicolor Dye Transfer process which had already become obsolete. Suspiria was the last film to be released following that particular method and all subsequent prints did not adhere to Argento’s original vision, with the look of the film affected dramatically.

The new 4K scan was painstakingly restored by TLE Films in Germany with that crucially distinct color palette reinstated in accordance with Argento’s original Technicolor Dye Transfer specification, using period film materials as reference.

The restorers also reinserted all missing frames which had degraded badly or were simply lost over the years, making this version of Suspiria premiered by CultFilms the most complete and original looking, and finally doing justice to Argento’s vision.



  • Details on the remake???

    • Saturn

      Here we go – it’s not as good.

      Okay, unfair as I haven’t seen it – but Suspiria is my 3rd favourite horror movie of all time, so don’t expect the new one to measure up. Although I hope it does – so I’ll watch it with an open mind and hope it’s decent.

      • Agree

      • Evan3

        And what is number 1 and 2?

        • Saturn

          Here’s my top 10

          01 – The Evil Dead
          02 – The Beyond
          03 – Suspiria
          04 – Cannibal Holocaust
          05 – Ring
          06 – Return Of The Living Dead
          07 – An American Werewolf In London
          08 – The Thing
          09 – Demons
          10 – The Descent

  • Travis_Bickle

    I will make all the sex on this!!

  • Clyde Gentry III

    Great news for UK fans, but for USA fans — Synapse is putting out the Steelbook and they have worked for well over a year on the 4K restoration. After what they did for Demons and Demons 2, along with Tenebrae, this will be the version to get. Not knocking the UK release, etc., but the Synapse steel book is on sale now and has tons of extras.

    • oh_riginal

      Already got mine pre-ordered. Wish it was coming out this month though. October is always the best month to watch horror films!

  • James Allard

    Nuts. I was hoping for the dates it was showing in Chicago.

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